SmartPlant is Playing Santa!

Welcome to our very first Holiday Giveaway!

You, our SmartPlant App users, Book Club Members and Social Media Followers have been so loving, engaged and loyal, that we've been plotting most of this year for a way to give back to you.


To shower  you with our gratitude, we are doing a full 7 Days of Giveaways!  Super excited to share with you some of our favorite plant-based and plant-related products.

Our first giveaway will launch Monday December 10th and it's a good one! We can't tell you what each day will be (that would be like opening your Christmas presents early!) so check back every day to see what Santa has delivered just for you. 

SmartPlant Santa is here.....



Day 1: Angela Wallace

Day 2: Stephanie

Day 3: Brooke Bilyj

Day 4: Rachel Leachman

Day 5: Inez Hutauruk

Day 6: Sophie Zamora

Day 7: Shelby Gray

Come back here or watch our social media each day

to see which generous brands have partnered with us

to provide you with these valuable goodies as each Day's Giveaway is revealed:



                                                                                      West Inn & Suites Carlsbad



                                                                                      May Lindstrom Skin



                                                                                     Rachel Keppler Designs Jewelry


                                                                                     A Year of Planty Books


                                                                                     A Fiddle Leaf Fig from

                                                                                     doTerra Essential Oils


                                                                                        Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences


•  The Rafflecopter box beneath each day's prize is where you begin.   It's pretty                straight forward and it's a great way for us keep things organized and legal.

•  Start by logging in using your email address or your Facebook Account.  Be sure you     use a valid email address because this is where we will let you know if you've won!

•  After logging in to Rafflecopter, you will see today's giveaway.  There will be a photo     of the prize and underneath it you will see prompts for how to enter.  Click the ones       you wish to use such as 'follow brand on Instagram'.  You get one entry for every           prompt you complete.

•  All of our giveaways are live for the duration of the '7 Days of Giveaways'                       promotion.  Each giveaway is considered its own separate giveaway, so enter each of the ones with theorizes you want to win and be sure to enter them all separately.  If you find yourself on Day 3 and realize you missed Day 2, you can still go back at anytime while the giveaway is live and enter for that prize.

•  Winners will be announced December 17th.  We will contact you by email, as well       as post it in the closed Rafflecopter Box beneath each of the giveaways.  And, of           course, we will announce our winners on our site and in social media.

•   The official Giveaway Rules can be found here

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