7 Days of Giveaways

🎶  Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way.  Oh what fun it is to win in a 7-day giveaway  🎶


This is it guys...the FINAL day to enter our 7 Days of Christmas Giveaways.  Be sure to go back to all 7 days and enter each giveaway individually.  Click through the prizes here to enter now:

California Getaway with West Inn & Suites

Collection of luxury products from May Lindstrom Skin

Rachel Keppeler Designs Jewelry

A Year of Reading (12-stack of plant-related books)

Fiddle Leaf Fig from

Diffuser and Oils from doTerra

32 Flower Essences + Aura Spray + Plant Bliss from Botanical Alchemy


Our final prize is by no means last and is a FULL collection of all 32 Flower Essences hand crafted with love and intuition by Botanical Alchemy.  Along with the Flower Essence collection, you can win a bottle of Isis Temple Aura Cleanser and a bottle of Plant Bliss.

The Botanical Alchemy Aura Cleanser is a generous, loving and balanced formula that cleanses and transforms negative or blocked energies.  It works equally effectively in your personal energy field (aura), at home, office, classroom, healing room, or with your family pets, crystals, personal items or sacred tools.  Because the Aura Cleanser also renews energy connections, rebuilds joy and rebalances after cleansing, using it is a delightfully  renewing and uplifting experience.

We keep a bottle at our SmartPlant offices and go around spraying each other when things go awry or on the rare occasion that someone is having a bad day!  Our CMO, Siri, keeps one on her desk, in her purse, by her bed and in her car! Healers and individuals who are energy sensitive use it to refresh themselves and rebuild their protection from other people's energies, to clear their healing rooms and to help clients release and move forward.  The lightness and joy it brings can be very addictive.

The Plant Bliss is formulated to feed and seed areas for nature divas to live in and thrive.

When you have a more specific need, the flower essences easily let you know what will work.  Just pick from titles like: Lighten Grief, Transform Anger, Forgiveness, Clear Communications, Courage, Dissolve Guilt, Dreams Come True and so many more each with wonderful unique properties.  When properly used, Flower Essences are some of the safest, most effective and least intrusive remedies in the natural pharmacopoeia.

p.s. If you like crystals for yourself or your plants, we're excited to tell you that you can win a copy of Crystal Muse by Heather Askinosie by entering Day 4 of our giveaway here.

This Prize from Botanical Alchemy includes:

One Isis Temple Aura Cleanser Spray


One Plant Bliss/Faerie Food Spray


32 Flower Essences

(one each of the following)

       • Athlete's Spirit                       • Bright Mornings 

       • Calm Child                              • Cleansing Fire

       • Clear Communications          • Clear Spirit

       • Courage                                  • Dissolve Guilt

       • Dreams Come True               • Emotional Transformation

       • Forgiveness                            • Healing Heart

       • Heaven and Earth                  • Hidden Issues

       • Immune Energy                      • Inspiration

       • Lighten Grief                           • Male Support

       • Mental Focus                          • New Patterns

       • Perfect Balance                      • Pre-Operative

       • Post Operative                       • Rapid Recovery

       • Sexual Healing                       • Sustainable Energy

       • Tranquility                               • Transform Anger

       • Trauma                                    • Unstress

       • Way of the Goddess             • Yogic Integration

Valued at over $395!


•  The Rafflecopter box below is where you begin.   It's pretty straight forward and it's     a great way for us keep things organized and legal.

•  Start by logging in using your email address or your Facebook Account.  Be sure you     use a valid email address because this is where we will let you know if you've won!

•  After logging in to Rafflecopter, you will see today's giveaway.  There will be a photo     of the prize and underneath it you will see prompts for how to enter.  Click the ones       you wish to use such as 'follow brand on Instagram'.  You get one entry for every           prompt you complete.

•  All of our giveaways are live for the duration of the '7 Days of Giveaways'                       promotion.  Each giveaway is considered its own separate giveaway, so enter each  of the ones with theorizes you want to win and be sure to enter them all separately.  If you find yourself on Day 3 and realize you missed Day 2, you can still go back at anytime while the giveaway is live and enter for that prize.

•  Winners will be announced December 17th.  We will contact you by email, as well       as post it in the closed Rafflecopter Box beneath each of the giveaways.  And, of           course, we will announce our winners on our site and in social media.

•   The official Giveaway Rules can be found here


Thank you for sharing the planty love with us all throughout the year.  Our hearts are genuinely full for this green community. We've spent 2018 showing off your thriving plants as well as highlighting cool plants and how to care for them. We wouldn't be as successful if it weren't for YOU sharing your love of plants with us. Thank you for admiring, adoring and parenting your plants with such gusto and thank you for caring for our earth in this very special way and for supporting companies who do the same. You're truly being the green change we all wish to see in the world. 💚

lotsa love,

Santa SmartPlant and his happy little elves



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