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Options for Garden Centers during COVID-19
​While garden centers around our nation and world are closing due to Coronavirus and social distancing, Smart Plant Home is doing what we can to help garden centers stay connected to customers in a safe and healthy way.
Our goal is to bridge today to what's next for the garden industry. 
  • Now through July 31, we are offering our curbside pickup tool for free. This allows garden centers to easily load their plants into a customer facing website and receive orders.  
  • If a garden center has an e-commerce site, we will feature their site on our app for free until July 31 as well.
  • Smart Plant Home app is experiencing a massive increase in downloads due to stay-at-home orders and people are looking for plants!
  • We will continue to connect customers to their local IGCs through curbside or e-commerce so customers can still buy plants while staying safe and healthy.
Learn more about these offers:
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