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The books we share all relate to plants in some way and have touched our lives by reading them...we want you to find that same joy.

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By Christopher Woods

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By Christopher Woods
This book will spark garden and wander lust! Traveling around the world, Christopher Woods writes about 50 different contemporary gardens he personally visited. He includes a little background information on each garden, including the plant’s scientific and latin name for those who may not know. This book will definitely serve as a mini travel guide to discover some of the most beautiful gardens in the world!
- Antonia Cannella


To me, reading books has always been my way to escape from reality and zone out from the world. When I read books, I like to fully integrate myself into them. I picture the setting, time it was written, how the characters would dress, any little detail to help my imagination get loose. I wouldn’t call myself a “plant expert,” considering the only plants I’ve owned are succulents, but I definitely have a love for them. Being able to combine two interests of mine (books and plants) made reading Gardenlust extra enjoyable, especially because I also have a love for traveling. SmartPlant has exposed me to the beauty of this world and I can’t wait to learn more about the plant world. 

I hope you can learn something from it too.  

- Antonia Cannella, SmartPlant Book Club Member



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