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Cut Flower Garden

Discover what tools and techniques to use to cut your own flowers!

This guide will teach you the tricks on how to make your cut flowers last. It tells you everything from the time of day to cut, what type of flowers make for the best cut flowers, and the temperature of the water the flowers should be in.


Learn why gardeners decide to plant their own cut flower garden and how to design your own show-stopping arrangement!

Download the Cut Flower Garden Guide

Smart Plant Home

Smart Homes start with Smart Plants
You no longer need to be an expert to take care of your plants.

Smart Plant Home provides in depth regionalized care to help grow your plants. With the barcode scanning technology, you will be able to scan your plant to learn how to care for it. 

The app has a monthly care calendar that makes caring for your plants easy. Smart Plant Home consists of regionalized specialists that engage and provides feedback to customers. 


App Features

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care calendar.png
Barcode Scanning
Monthly Plant 
expert chat-3.png
Chat with
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