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Crystal Muse
Everyday Rituals to Tune in to the Real You


By Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro

Co-Founders of Energy Muse

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At first glance, a book focused on crystals may seem like a less-than-obvious Book Club choice for a plant-focused brand.  I actually think it's a perfect match!  When you look around on Instagram, the Urban Jungle movement is well afoot with clean minimalist, Scandinavian design.  If you look closely enough, you will notice that all kinds of rocks and crystals have appeared as a big part of that plant-y decor.  It sort of makes sense since plants are of the earth and crystals/stones/rocks are also of the earth.  It's a bit like they're earth cousins.
Plants and crystals have the potential to be ideal partners.  Take Shungite for an example.  There is a study currently ongoing in France, whose early conclusions state "The tests conducted this year show a great tonicity in the plants, more vibrant colors, significant growth and an accumulated resistance to blight and dryness."  Shungite apparently absorbs and neutralizes harmful chemicals such as residues from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.  You can even add crushed Shungite to your soil to promote fertility.
A little Shungite trick you can try for your plants at home is to fill a 1.5 gallon bucket with water and put 2-3 lbs of shungite in the bottom then let it rest.  After sitting for 3 days, use it to water your plants directly.   Our author, Heather Askinosie writes about how she uses a shungite cup to purify her drinking water a day before consumption.
Most 'crystal' books I've browsed in the past are organized more encyclopedically:  crystal type listed then attributes written in profile form.  It all begins to sound the same after a few pages.  
In Crystal Muse the contents are divided thematically and are frankly much more readable.  It is more story-like, filled with personal anecdotes about the authors' journey to crystal love, peppered with real-life Q&A, written in a friendly style like a buddy's explaining things to you.  It begins with a 1-minute 'crystal crash course,' to help the 'crystal curious' instantly develop a relationship with the stones.  
The primary focus of the book covers a series of incredible, simple rituals that help you incorporate crystals into your daily life and help demystify how to use them for specific purposes like getting a better night's sleep, attracting prosperity, space clearing and more.
Like plants, crystals and stones are part of Mother Nature's beauty. Now you have a guide that provides a basic understanding of what crystals can do for you and steps for practical application.  Testimonials indicate that people find them transformative.
In the marketing room of our SmartPlant San Diego offices, our 'urban jungle' of plants are surrounded by many of their crystal 'earth cousins.'  I believe in the years to come, more official research will be conducted on the properties of a variety of specific stones that will clearly demonstrate their affect on our plants.  Until then, maybe just experiment on your and try putting a piece of shungite into a vase of cut flowers to see if it helps them last longer and fade less quickly.  If nothing else, the aesthetic addition of colorful crystals to your houseplant decor dresses it up quite nicely.
Review by Siri Jostad

"Being crystal clear is the new superpower."--Heather Askinosie


Crystal Muse has the power to transform your life if you let it.  I was taken aback by what I 'got' from the book and even before I finished reading it,  I found myself trying out a couple rituals and placing amethysts around the plants in my kitchen window and random other crystals around the yard.  You too might find your perspective transformed and learn: 

  • What can crystals do for you...really

  • Why crystals work

  • How to choose a crystal

  • How to program a crystal

  • Why crystal rituals are effective.  The rituals are many.  Here is a sampling:

    • Clear and Cleanse your Space and your Crystals and You

    • Unwind the Mind

    • How to Attract Prosperity, Success and Abundance

    • Turning the Darkest of Life's Trials into Opportunities for Growth

    • How to Attract Love, Rekindle Passion, Love Yourself, Mend the Heart

    • Keys to Unlocking Your Creativity

    • Removing Negative Energy from your Life

    • Tips and Tricks for a Better Night's sleep

    • Living in Tune with the Moon

  • Pictorial Glossary of Stones

  • Crystal Shapes and Why They Work


Heather Askinosie has been working with crystals for over 25 years.  She grew up amongst the free spirits of Southern California with a grandmother who read tea leaves.  She has studied with the best healers around the world who have passed down ancient teachings on how to utilize energy technology.  Her co-author Timmi Jandro has a background in sales and operations and has been close friends with Heather since the age of 6.  


In 2000, together they founded Energy Muse, a conscious lifestyle brand providing tools of empowerment, inspiration and hope in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals.  Their mission is to help people reconnect with the energy of the Earth and tap into their own personal magnificence.

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