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Hanging Kokedama
Creating Potless Plants for the Home
By Coraleigh Parker
If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, then this book is for you! Give your normal-looking plants a distinctive makeover, but first, you might want to lose the pots and containers. Wait, what? That’s right! With the help of this “Hanging Kokedama” book, you will be able to build your own ball of moss, featuring your favorite plants that you may already own; ferns, herbs, epiphytes, even trees!
Now I am being honest, I started this book not knowing what a kokedama even means. If you’re just like me, do not worry! This book is what I call “kokedama 101”  as it starts with the definition itself; a ball of soil covered with moss, used later as a device to grow your plants and show it off as a type of decor at the same time. The author does a great job explaining all the tools you need; from strings (natural and synthetic), scissors , sharp hand pruners (which she calls secateurs) wrapping options, brushes, to specific soil ingredients (coconut fiber , coir, perlite, coconut husk chips, sphagnum moss, water crystals). Turns out you even need a nail brush ! She also provides beautiful photography to help you visualize the whole process, making sure you are on the right track.
Kokedama combines “the truly grounding practice of getting one’s hands dirty with the artistic gratification of creating a beautiful object,” making it the perfect hybrid for craft and plant lovers!
The writing style itself is very relaxing and easy-flowing. What makes it more special is how personal it can get. The author focuses on “finding beauty in imperfection.” She understands how stressful it is for beginners to start something completely new, exotic even, without guidance. So, she produced this book in hopes of making this Japanese gardening style accessible for everyone, as a way to relieve stress and challenge their creativity.
When you’re finished reading this step-by-step book, it will no longer be a foreign concept. It guarantees that you will be ready to make your own kokedama, or take care of your existing ones with ease.
Happy reading,
Mawj Alturaihi 


Key Takeaways

The author shows a series of tutorials that are simply explained with proper directions, ideal conditions, and not failing to mention the tools required for each process:


  • Introduction to the concept of kokedama and its origin.

  • Beginner’s guide for your first kokedama

  • Two pages of definitions and garden suppliers

  • 3 types of Moss covers fully explained

  • 7 plant profiles for the most popular and unique kokedama projects such as succulents, ferns, trees, tropicals, and herbs

  • Detailed soil recipes

  • Photography of finished kokedama projects and tools needed

  • Common concerns and pet safety for each plant mentioned



Coraleigh Parker’s journey started in New Zealand, where her business Pickled Whimsy is located, and she is all about integrating daily life with modern gardening practices. Parker leads a relaxed lifestyle now, a “slow living” one as she described it, where she tries to balance her botanical design business and raising a family at the same time.


Parker successfully started the trend of string gardens in New Zealand.


She is the definition of a crafty woman, obsessed with plants just like the rest of us, who happened to fall in love with the art of Kokedama!


Keep up with her on Instagram @pickledwhimsynz

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