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Leaf Supply
A Guide to Keeping Happy Houseplants

By Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan

"Plants make people happy and we're huge believers that spaces filled with greenery are the best places to inhabit." - Leaf Supply
Leaf Supply is clearly a book written by two people who love and are made happy by plants.  It's evident in every page of this guide for keeping healthy houseplants.
Throughout the book, we are invited into the homes of other plant-loving people, to see the creative ways these individuals uniquely incorporate plants into their living and work environs.
After a thorough section covering essentials for living well with the green stuff (soil, fertilizer, water light, temperature, propagating, repotting and problems) the book dives deep into plant profiles meant to help you figure out what mix you want to bring home.  Throughout the book, photos provide styling tips for how to best group plants once you've decided.
Houseplants are grouped in the book this way: 
  • Foliage Plants (such as Bird of Paradise, Devil's Ivy, Alocasia etc),
  • Palms 
  • Ferns (like Maidenhair and tons of other ferns I've never even heard of!)
  • Philodendrons
  • Ficus
  • Peperomia
  • Begonias
  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Rare & Unusual Plants
What I absolutely love about this book is that there is no question about whether a plant will do well indoors.  If they feature will!
Interspersed are the 'Plant People,' nine of them to be exact and each comes to their planty lifestyle through a different career.  The format is a bit of q&a.  Each profile begins with the same 'Tell us about yourself...' question and then questions become unique to the subject for the remainder.  I found it beautifully personal. Getting a glimpse into how other people, much like myself, have created a connection with nature as our urban lives bustle around us at an increasing pace, is a confidence booster.  If they can do it...I (and you) can do it too.
Tess Robinson, profiled on page 124 puts it this way:
"'s as simple as plants helping us to feel relaxed, 
and when we are truly relaxed,
we have more psychological bandwidth to be more creative."
I felt quite relaxed reading this book (even though I was on a plane to New York with not a plant in sight!)
Happy Reading.  Siri Kay Jostad


Leaf Supply can be read like any regular book or easily used as just an easy reference guide for all things houseplant.  Inside is organized so you can search for things like water, soil, light and temperature, get the info you need and then skip anything you don't have time for.


  • How to live with plants:  where to begin, prime positioning, how to acclimate plants to your home

  • How to group and style using different pots and props

  • How to select the right pot (function versus aesthetics)

  • Learn:  Houseplant care

  • Gain confidence for keeping plants of your own

  • Discover there is a plant out there for everyone and for every space

  • Understand what good soil is, why it matters and how to create it

  • Soil terms:  soil, pH, vermiculite, perlite, peat moss, sphagnum moss, propagating sand, sand, activated charcoal

  • Becoming familiar with the General Rule of Watering i.e., a plant's water needs and how to determine it

  • Propagation Basics Tutorial:  what are offsets, platelets, leaf cuttings, stem cuttings, and division

  • How to repot a plant

  • Tricks on how to keep plants free from nasty pests (white oil)

  • The most common problems and how to care for your plants when these show up: 

    • yellowing leaves

    • dropping leaves

    • curling leaves

    • brown leaf edges

    • wilting/burnt leaves

    • leggy or sparse growth

    • lopsided growth

    • root rot (poor drainage)

  • Pests:  A description and remedy

    • aphids

    • mealybugs

    • fungus gnats (add a layer of sand to trick them)

    • scale

    • spider mites (suffocate them)

    • whiteflies (you can vacuum them off!)


Leaf Supply is as they say the 'love child' of two friends who also share 'plant nerd' status with one another.  They enjoy early-morning markets and sourcing great greens from secret nurseries.

Lauren Camilleri is a magazine art director with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and owner of the online plant and design store Domus Botanica (  She grew up with gardening parents and inherited a keen interest and knowledge of how plants can enhance interior spaces.

Sophia Kaplan is a plant and floral stylist ( who also writes a blog called The Secret Garden (

Together they think life just feels better when surrounded by living green goodies, so they started a Sydney-based houseplant delivery service called and wrote this book to share the love.

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Lauren Camilleri

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Sophia Kaplan

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