The Craft of Creative Knotting for your Home


By Fanny Zedenius

Nowadays every cute coffee shop you go in to is decorated with some phenomenally cute and surprisingly elaborate macramé wall hanging. Clearly, the craft is back in force. My first experience with macramé hails way back to the 70s when macramé was first en trend, and my mom crafted pot hangar, after (albeit cute) pot hangar for the local holiday bazaar. I loved her teaching me the knots and then going off and inventing new combinations of them.
From the moment this brilliant little book landed in my hands, my own daughter has been begging me to finish reading macramé and get on with writing my review of it, so that together we can pick a pattern and create our own macramé masterpiece. So I've gone out and bought my thick rope to be at the ready.  And now I've learned I can dip dye and fray it too!
The book size is deceptive as it is easily handled and is an utterly comprehensive guide to and illustrations that provide easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.  I honestly don't think there is a single thing I'd want or need to know about macramé that isn't covered by Fanny. That is the beauty of a guide-book such as this when it is written by someone who has lived the work for years and whose life is driven by her love for the knotting process. Every single page is covered with photos.                                                                  
Review by Siri Jostad


When you pick up macramé whether for yourself or as a gift, you will be so glad you did.  You will learn:
  • How to find rope, tools and other equipment needed
  • 34 different knots to use for making macramé
  • 21 different projects that range from plant hangar to placemat to bench
  • Definitions for all the macramé´-specific terms
  • How to dip dye yarn
  • How to fray yarn
  • How to tackle large wall hangings
  • 7 different patterns to use for creating your own designs
  • What to do if you become happily obsessed and find yourself knotting long hours and ending up with rope burns, blisters and shoulder pain as a result.


Stockholm-based Swedish designer Fanny Zedenius is a fiber artist and the creative mind behind the popular Instagram account @Createaholic. Her unique relationship with this craft has fueled her mission to share her passion for knotting and inspire others to get creating.


In response to popular demand, in 2015 Fanny opened a webshop from which she sells her designs all over the world.  She hosts macramé workshops throughout Sweden where she teaches others how to master this addictive craft.


Inspired by the seemingly never-ending ways you can combine different knots to create contemporary homeware, Fanny has been instrumental in the current modern macramé renaissance.

Picture from Fanny's Instagram @createaholic