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33 Glass Gardens to Make Your Own

By Anna Bauer and Noam Levy

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Sometimes you enter a store where everything is so lovely, it's magazine-worthy. I was in one of the stores when I came upon Terrarium, so I KNEW this book would be on-point with the direction that the most stylish planty environments are headed today. 
Over the course of my life, I've noticed that when I have the urge to update my decor, I tend to start with the bathroom! (?)  Pretty odd, right?  I had to ask myself, why on earth, and I discovered that I begin with the bathroom space because it is generally the smallest area of the house that I can complete as whole, in the shortest amount of time, and feel like I've accomplished something that is within my scope of expertise.  😊  From there, I can more easily expand my efforts to other areas with a sense that success is within my grasp.  Terrariums are a bit like that, believe it or not, when placed in the larger scheme of 'urban jungles.'
Terrarium is a perfect book for creating immediate success based upon the way it is laid out.  The 33 design projects from which you can choose, are segmented into three sections: Tropical Landscapes, Temperate Landscapes and Arid Landscapes, based upon the type of plants that will be used in the glass bowl, which is also based on how much water they need and how symbiotic the plants are.  
The whimsical part of the book is that each project design (recipe) for a miniature world of your own is named for the place that inspired it.  For example, Pilea (Chinese Money Plant) is native to Yunnan Province in Southern China so that design is called Kunming.  The Sierra Gorda, Mexico design centers on tillandsia plants and Natal South Africa is a terrarium crafted around succulents.
Not all plants survive in a wet terrarium, so the provided list of suitable ones is an essential element of this book.
By reading this book, you'll get to exercise your creative juices and come out the end with a nice decoration for a small area of your home. If you get ambitious and make multiple terrariums, you can direct that enthusiasm to create an entire large-scale terrarium installation in your home or work.  
Happy Reading!  And thanks again for being a part of our book-reading community.
Review by Siri Jostad


City buildings have pushed nature to the periphery. Terrarium will help you reintegrate natural aspects into your daily living with these key supports:

  • Origins and Description/Definition of what a terrarium is

  • Explanation around the science of how terrariums work to keep your plant environments alive over the long term

  • Step-by-step instructions for building 33 of your own miniature worlds under glass

  • Short glossary of terms for words like Biotape, Deciduous and Substrate

  • List of materials needed to get you started

  • Suitable plants for each of the 3 types of terrarium landscapes

  • Necessary tools list

  • How to pick the best containers

  • Terrarium care info

  • A not-too-extensive Source list for buying containers online

  • A not-too-extensive Source list for buying suitable plants online


Anna Bauer and Noam Levy have an atelier-boutique called Green Factory, located in Paris, France.  Here they offer finished terrariums, terrarium kits and terrarium-making materials like moss, pebbles, plants and planting materials for making your own.   

In the atelier, they regularly offer small-group (12 max) terrarium making workshops where you make and take home your own creation.

The duo also offers design, consultation and installation for both interior and exterior designs for spaces around the world

(check out the Conran Store, London and Cafe Mericourt, Paris)

Read more about their atelier at

Follow their progress and get inspiration from their Instagram @green_factory

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