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Urban Jungle
Living and Styling with Plant

By Igor Josifovic and Judith De Graaf

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I picked up this book because it is from one of my favorite 'planty' feeds to follow on Instagram (Urban Jungle bloggers...528K followers! Clearly they must be doing something right!) In the same way that they created a unique blog format at, they have also created a unique book format, which I found utterly entertaining from cover to cover.
The book has the most wonderful sense of integration. As you journey inside homes full of character and personality, you learn what creativity and warmth informed the owner's choices. Over the photos of their utterly stylish yet attainable habitats, you may see type around a Monstera that directs you to page 60 for a more in-depth plant portrait.  One owner makes her own hangers so the book includes a DIY for you to make your own too. Each profile is personalized with a Q&A of the owners.  You feel at once like you know them a little better while, you discover they value plants similarly to you or find how they overcame some daunting plant care problem, what plants are on their wishlists and how they came to develop their personal green style.
There is so much rich content in Urban Jungle.  In general, the authors use the common names for plants then once in awhile throw in the Latin just to up our casual learning quotient. Plant Portraits include Care Tips and misconceptions. Often times detail shows up in other books as text-heavy pages, but  Igor and Judith present info in the form of pull quotes and sound bytes, lots of photos, nice graphics, good type and Did You Know boxes.  Cool Ideas boxes direct you to things like update vintage furniture with botanical prints and Styling Tips suggest painting a wall dark to act as a backdrop for the cultural lines and green colors of plants.  We finish this book knowing we too can have plants in every room of the house.  And you don't need to be a stylist to make it happen.
I started this review saying one of my favorite things was their IG feed. I finished reading this book and one of my new favorites is all the resources they provided...the people they profiled are creative types with websites and shops who write and sell and at the very end of the book are a couple pages devoted to Plant Shops Around the World. My world has expanded. I've been googling getting even more inspiration.
You can leave this beautiful book on your coffee table, but if you read it....will get a lot out of it too. Enjoy diving in. It's a quick and easy read.
Review by Siri Jostad


Urban Jungle is a delight from start to finish. Just when you think you have a handle on the book's contents, the authors will surprise you with a new category of valuable tidbits of information. You will discover in this book:


  • Easy-to-copy plant styling ideas for your home inspired by 5 green homes sprinkled about Europe and relevant to all of us

  • 6 DIY projects (terrarium, plant stand, hanging planter, growing succulents, Kokedama, botanical frame)

  • 11 Plant Portraits/Profiles

  • Styling Tips

  • Lots of 'Cool Ideas'  such as interesting containers for potted plants

  • Care Tips

  • Expert Tips in the form of Q&A with the stylish home-owners profile

  • Trivia sprinkled throughout

  • Resource information on the contributing 'Urban Jungle Bloggers'

  • Shops for Plant Lovers around the world (and these days there are some pretty cool plant shops popping up)


Igor and Judith are bloggers, friends, and lovers of green interiors.  As their story goes, one day in 2013, over coffee in a Parisian cafe, talking about their shared appreciation for decorating and plants, these two came up with their brilliant idea:  each month they choose a green topic and put it out to the world.  Bloggers from all over take this topic and put their spin on it, interpreting it through plant styling on their own blogs then tagging #urbanjunglebloggers.


Igor lives between Munich and Paris and is a strong believer in happiness. His mission is to raise awareness for the spaces we live in and inspire through beautiful homes, travels and, a healthy lifestyles and his outlet is his blog


Judith is a graphic designer and plant lover who lives with her husband and three cats in an iconic industrial building just outside Paris. She shares her love for color, design, travel and living with plants through interesting spaces, places and faces on her blog

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