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Where has this book been my whole life?
If I was starting my plant journey, Living With Plants is definitely where I would turn for guidance. Starting with tips for how to pick the right plants for you, all the way to plant styling and essential plant care tips, this book covers almost all the steps you need to become the plant parent you've always wanted to be. The author, Sophie Lee, guides readers to transform their homes with indoor plants, providing detailed instructions and information on almost any topic they may need help in. 
Although some of the info can be overwhelming at first, and the structure of the book seems a little out of order, its attention to detail will ensure you won't miss a single step along the way. Beautiful photos and illustrations complement the text, making it easy to understand and follow. Sprinkled in between chapters, you can also find quirky how-to's such as DIY planters you could make at home, proving that you can care for plants with your own unique style.
If you're looking for specific plant care instructions, this may not be the book you would turn to, as it gives general care guidelines. (Perhaps look at our past book feature "How to Raise a Plant and Make it Love You Back" for specific plant features!)
Not everyone has to be a plant expert. Don't let that stop you from greening your home and introducing plants into your life. Books like this can help anyone see that it only takes a few initial steps, some love and a bit of care to transform your home with beautiful houseplants. Not only are  plants a part of your home, by styling them in your own unique way, they become part of your family. Introducing plants into your home may seem challenging at first, but know that books like this will be with you every step of the way.   This list will give you a jumpstart on what you need to style up your place:
Essential Tools Shopping List
Plastic, Terracotta, or Ceramic Pots
Saucers or Trays
Watering Can with a long spout and fine nozzle
Plant Scissors
Root Clippers
Small Brushes
Bamboo Sticks and Trellis
Floristry Mossing Pins


Key Takeaways

Living with Plants is written for the new plant parents out there and has step-by-step instructions for caring for your plant babies. It's straightforward with helpful steps, illustrations and tips that will make your journey a whole lot easier. You can expect to find topics on the following:

  • How to pick the right (and healthy) plants for you and your home

  • 8 Golden Rules to start you off on your plant journey

  • A whole section on caring for Bonsai

  • Understanding plants like Cacti, Succulents, Bromeliads and Air Plants

  • DIY Instructions for projects like Macramé Plant Hangers, Mounted Staghorn Fern Plaques, Kokedamas and more

  • A list of essential planting tools

  • A section on plant care topics like environment, watering, feeding, plant troubles, propagation and cuttings

  • Tips on plant styling and where to begin

  • Magic Plant Secrets from the author



Plants have always been a part of Sophie Lee's life with her mum as a florist and uncle as the head gardener of a National Trust garden. She loves adding that special touch to anything from subtle pops of green to plant styling a whole room.


She founded Geo-Fleur, a botanical styling company in the United Kingdom in 2014 with the hopes of educating her customers about the joys and wonders of indoor gardening, while inspiring everyone to add that green touch to their homes. Her love for indoor plants truly shines in Geo-Fleur, and the business quickly took off as she styled for clients like Sweaty Betty, ASOS, Liberty of London and the Turner Prize at Tate Britain.

See more of Geo-Fleur on Instagram: @geo_fleur

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