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My New Roots 
By Sarah Britton
The book My New Roots by Sarah Britton was such an adventurous and thirst-quenching cookbook to dive into. Britton segments the book on 5 seasons of the year: spring, early summer, late summer, autumn and winter. I loved her logic and reasoning behind using five seasons instead of four, because splitting summer is so essential based on the types of sprouts and gardening between those months. Did I mention the food is extremely healthy too! She predominantly focuses on vegetarian recipes that can easily be altered to become vegan free and gluten-free. 
Britton begins the book by telling a little bit about herself and how she began cooking. While I was reading that portion of the book, I felt like I was in her shoes when she was deciding to venture off and follow a new pathway. Something that makes My New Roots stand out are the sense of home and passion you feel while reading it start to finish. 
I felt like I wasn’t alone during this process and that she understood how intimidating cooking can be if you really have no idea what to do. After her introduction, Britton dives into ‘basic recipes’ as I like to call it, which can be learning how to cook grains, produce milk and even make nut butter. Then she concludes by helping you buy better and healthier ingredients that are everyday items in your pantry!  The part of her book that portrays her passion most, is in the little tiny paragraphs that go above each recipe and explain why/how she created the recipe. 
Recently, I went to work and tried my hand at Britton’s Sundown Carrot and Grilled Corn Salad and I must say, I am a huge fan. I was a little skeptical at first, because I am a woman that loves to eat, and in my opinion, this recipe didn’t have much substance to it -  mainly spices. After every meal, I want to feel satisfied and without the desire to snack an hour later or have another backup meal two hours later. But, I must say, even though I didn’t think this salad would fill me up, it definitely did. Once all the ingredients are combined it gives off a zesty rich flavor that filled me up until dinner time and I was pleasantly surprised! 
In addition, as a plant owner, this cookbook inspired me to grow these whole food veggies in my backyard. With the help from SmartPlant experts I feel safe and reassured in knowing that I can grow vegetables with someone by my side every step of the way, and with Britton's cookbook, I feel invincible and ready to cook any meal she lists.
It was such an awesome experience to read and try the recipes in Britton’s cookbook! She explains everything in great detail such that it felt like she was in the kitchen alongside me. Take my word on this, if a college girl who can barely cook a grilled cheese can make these decadent servings, so can you!
With love, 
Ashley Nielsen, Guest Reviewer 
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Key Takeaways
Sarah Britton makes cooking enjoyable, fun, and effortless. She takes a different spin and layout in her cookbook and this is how: 
• Recipes are based on the seasons, which encourages using produce that's       in season and makes the grocery shopping easier.
 • 100+ healthy recipes that fill your tummy up! There are vegetarian, vegan          and gluten free options. 
 • Easy to cook and follow along with 
 • Helps you with basic recipes: dried legumes, grains, ghee, nut and seed            butter and sprouts 
• Helps you stock up your pantry with healthy ingredients such as beans,             flour, sweeteners, seeds, salts, and more!


Sarah Britton went from being a graduate design student, to living in Denmark and now being a renowned cook with tasty recipes of her own. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she was going to create her own business, blog, recipes and websites to share with others. I enjoyed and respected her sense of honesty when she was questioning her change of pathway and learning to follow her instinctual choices.
During her time in Denmark, Sarah began to push forward with her new pathway in nutrition and cooking.  She spent days biking around the city passing out resumes  hoping to be hired at any restaurant. It wasn't until that one lucky restaurant hired  her, that she began her journey.
Sarah went against all odds - not following through with design, no professional cooking background, moving to a different country - but she used her passion to give her the success and happiness she flourishes in today. Follow along with her journey on Instagram @mynewroots and get a look at those yummy recipes as well!

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