For businesses looking to have greater consumer engagement with their current customers*

$5 gift

For businesses looking to gain new customers and activate an e-commerce platform**

$10 gift



5 miles


For businesses looking to leverage digital consumption

and need a full digital solution**

$10 gift



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Visibility on SPH app and website

Your store is featured on the Smart Plant Home app and website. Helps new and current customers easily find your store.

We provide signage resources to encourage customers to download and use Smart Plant Home as their connection to your store.

Interactive in-store signage

Plants scannable in-store

for expert care

Your upc/sku codes are uploaded to our database. This makes your plants "smart" allowing customers to scan your plants to instantly receive care instructions.

Plants searchable in the plant finder

Customers can use the plant finder to filter through your plants to find just what they're looking for.

Customers can filter through the plants you offer and build a wishlist of what they want to buy from you in the future.

Plants can be added to wishlists

Mobile ordering for in-store pickup

Customers can easily place pickup orders for the plants and products that you offer.


We share of portion of subscription revenue with you for every app user that your store converts to a premium user.

Subscription revenue share

Products linked to the problem solver

Customers can filter through plant problems like bugs, pests, and diseases and select your products to cure them.

Products paired with every plant in app

Every plant that customers in your licensing area add to their care calendar is tied to care products from your store.


E-commerce activation

We have a turn-key e-commerce solution for you to sell your plants and products.

Branded email campaigns

We send emails with your branding to app users in your licensing area about anything that you would like featured.

Push notifications on app

We send updates to app users in your licensing area about your new products and offerings.


Exclusive licensing area

Depending on your location, your store will have exclusivity making you the go-to solution for customers in your area.

We keep you updated with how well your store is performing.

Performance reports

Your plants will be featured on the home page of our app. This is the best way for customers to see your plants.

App home page plant features


App home page product features

Your products will be featured on the home page of our app. This is the best way for customers to see the products you offer.

Streamlined ordering system

Tie your e-commerce system into our robust and streamlined ordering system. No longer worry about what you need to reorder, this does it for you!

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