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Valentine's Plant Match


Roses are romantic, but they only last for so many days. This year, give your loved one a plant instead.


Here are 6 different plants for 6 different personality types. Choose the one that is most similar to your partner or loved one and make sure to tell them that's why you picked it.

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If your loved one:

  • Loves cheese

  • Does their best to reach their goals

  • Is an amazing protector 

  • Stands strong 

Then the monstera will be their best match because this plant is also known as the Swiss cheese plant as it looks like cheese, grows extremely tall when given something to climb, can protect itself and stay strong even in high winds because of the holes in its leaves. 


If your loved one:


  • Loves to stay up all night

  • Enjoys getting ready and always smells nice

  • Mysterious and elegant 


Then they will enjoy the moonflower which blooms its beautiful white flower at night, has an amazing aroma, and closes by dawn. Plus, it's name is so romantic making it perfect for Valentine's Day. 


If your loved one:


  • Has a calm side and an adventurous side

  • Enjoys prayer/meditation 

  • Independent 

  • Enjoys time to rejuvenate 


The Prayer Plant is also known as the prayer plant because at night, it folds up and looks like praying hands. The upper side of the leaf is green and the underside is pink, which makes for such a fun-looking plant. It's a low-maintenance plant and doesn't need much attention.  

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If your loved one:


  • Is free-spirited and always on the move

  • Enjoys keeping things clean and tidy

  • Likes to help others 

  • Can thrive in many situations 


The air plant doesn't need any soil to survive, it lives freely outside of a pot. They do an amazing job of cleaning our air which helps us live happier and healthy lives. Air plants can live outdoors and indoors!

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If your loved one:


  • Loves cheesy-romantic rom-coms

  • Has a big heart

  • Easy-going and care-free

  • Appreciates their time to rest

The String of Hearts is such a precious plant with its heart-shaped foliage. It's sure to touch the hearts of any romantic. This plant goes dormant in the winter and doesn't need a lot watering then because it's not growing as much. 

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If your loved one is:


  • Incredibly easy going

  • Virtually indestructible

  • Loved by many

  • Has a healing touch 


Aloe vera plants are very easy and simple to grow, they don't need much care and can live with little water. They're hard to kill and have been used for it's healing properties on things like burns. As well as to lower blood sugar and has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. 

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