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You've got the Plants. We've got the Experts.

Unlimited access to expert chat,

unlimited plant and pest identifications

Your Plants will Thank You

Plant Expert Chat


Direct message one of our horticulturists as often as you want with your specific questions.

What's This Plant?


Get unlimited identification simply by sending a picture. Know all the plants in your garden.

Monthly Advice


Fill up your digital garden and get care information for each plant in your 'my plants' section every month. . 

Pest/Disease Control


Browning leaves or creepy bugs? Send in as many photos as you want, our experts will help!

Reach out to a Horticulture Expert


It's like having a virtual assistant for all the plants in your home and garden. 

Look ma, no Googling. 


An actual human (plant expert) reviews your plants and uses their best effort to help you ID your plant.


They were even able to recognize what stage of their cycle the plants were in. Even specific Lithops species. 

- Tyler Thrasher @tylerthrsherart -- artist and rare plant collector 

Such an amazing app! You don't have to be an experienced plant parent to enjoy this app. I am just beginning to grow my botanical collection and I am learning so much. Fun and insightful for anyone who loves plants!!!!!

- Niykeeee -- iTunes Review

Tropical Leaves

We'd love to have you!

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