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Cool Indoor Plants
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Cool Indoor Plants
Plant Identificaton
Plant Identificaton
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Cool Indoor Plants


Cool Indoor Plants


Cool Indoor Plants


1. Rattan Hanging Chair

You can't miss the hanging chair on the cover of the month's book club selection and who doesn't want one of their own (the chair)?!  It's a total kid-dream to sway gently in a chair slung from the ceiling while reading a good book or chatting with good friends.  Despite the hard look of the rattan construction, this chair is actually really comfy and ready for many hours of swaying.

2. Aechmea Bromeliad (Urn Plant)

Ian and Kara say the Urn Plant is good for Living Spaces, Working Spaces, and Sleeping Spaces. Apparently, the Aechmea works counterintuitively by releasing oxygen at night as opposed to the day, so in the bedroom, it improves the quality of the air we breathe while we are sleeping. (Note that this plant does not ship to certain states>)

3. Terrarium

Terrariums are experiencing a serious revival and are mentioned 11 times in this book.  Why? Because they lend themselves to an intimate planting scheme.  The glass walls create its own microclimate while giving you a convenient window into the lives of your plants.

4. Alora Cube Planter

"The beauty of container planting is by choosing different shapes, materials, finishes, and colors, you can quickly alter the finished look of your arrangements."   This modern cube is hand-constructed from recycled 16-gauge sheet-metal steel.  Good for indoors or out.

5. Geometric Hanging Planter

"Your containers can make a massive difference to the overall mood of your display."  This modern hanging planter made of Black Walnut brings the fun and style to the room where you hang it. Bringing plants up to eye level gives them a whole new relationship to the people experiencing them.

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig
If you follow @smartplantapp on Instagram, you will know that this is one of our most-beloved plants. We hunt the hashtag #fiddleleaffriday and feature our favorite specimens each week.  This is a top stand-alone plant that creates scale and contrast in a room.
7. Show Case

A super cool way to display plants these days is to make them 'cabinet plants' and we love the minimalist Nordic appeal of this one.  Plus the glass gives you and your plants maximum viewing potential.

8. Square Diamond Embossed Pot

This Graham & Greene modern geometric designed pot can stand alone as a simple focal point planting or be grouped beautifully with other similarly themed containers.


9. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

These beauties are great for large-scale displays of plants.  The authors list Peace Lily as one of five statement flowering plants that bring drama to a room.  Spathiphyllum is also one of those great nighttime oxygenators for your bedroom.

10. Container Baskets

Braided seagrass baskets in all shapes and sizes are in the class of adding interest to your potting schemes.  The bigger the container, the lighter the material it should be made from, especially if it is a plant that is going to be moved around.  Baskets are good options in this case.

11. Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai

Recommended in the book for living spaces and tabletops, this is a good focal-point plant , perfect for plant shelves and cabinet displays.


12. Metal Barrel Planter

The two most effective methods for choosing a container are to have pots that either complement the space and thus blend in with it or wildly contrast with it thereby making a statement.  These weather-worn, rustic barrels can go either way depending on the room and what you choose around it.


13. Brass Concrete Planter

It's now possible to source containers in as many materials and finishes as you can dream up. Combining an industrial concrete finish with shimmery brass, this one is really on trend.


14. Metal Plant Shelf

The airy architecture of this vertical frame will hold your collection of all that is precious, including your plants, books and objets d'art.


15. Blazyk Curio Cabinet

The curio cabinet of olde is being remade as a stylish element of contemporary Scandinavian decor that is at the centerpiece of the 'urban jungle' movement.  Glass on all sides provides full viewing potential and multiple shelves are your invitation to put your creative arranging juices to work.  A nice anchor piece for any living space.

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