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1. Mystery Malt Speyside Malt Scotch Whiskey 

Scotch Whiskey shows up in a fully 5 recipes in The Cocktail Garden.  The Creative Whiskey company, who makes this one, specializes is Exclusive, single cask, single malt whiskeys.  Each and every bottling is from one cask, meaning sometimes less than 100 bottles or sometimes up to 600 bottles, makes this a very special whiskey to share in your cocktails.

2. Timeless Vintage Coupe Glass

Sometimes it's the glass that is fancy, more than the drink! These vintage-inspired coupe glasses are great for serving prosecco and champagne...and of course any other creative drinks you feel like splashing over the edges of these beauties.

3. Ginger / Lemongrass Handmade Mixer 

Ok...seriously...mixers are half the fun of making unique cocktails.  This is where the creative mix-mastering begins!  Shrubs add flavor and intrigue to both soft drinks as well as cocktails.  Ginger and Lemongrass are a classic flavor combo and then the white pepper in this one adds a little punch at the end.  This craft shrub maker also produces a Tomatillo/Tamarindo Shrub with Hibiscus Flowers!  Yum.

4. Copper Plated Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

So easy to get carried away with all the cool bar equipment available, so we made it simple and classy by finding one for you with every (matching) thing in a single package....then you know you have what you need all in copper design.  Includes 2 shaker tins, a strainer, double jigger, mixing spoon and muddler.

5. Alabaster Coaster

Coasters are must-haves for cold drinks.  No one likes water stains and ruined furniture.  These days, coasters are a fun part of your drink presentation and decor.  These Alabaster and Brass ones from Anthropologie are sooooooo cute and wipe up with a dry cloth when you're finished.

6. Live Edge Bar Shelf

Once you begin collecting bar 'gear' you will find it nice to have a way to organize it while keeping it pretty.  A hanging shelf like this one from Anthropologie allows you to hang your pretty glasses for all to see and store/display your spirits on the shelf above.

7. Glass Straws

There is a movement afoot these days to eliminate plastic straw-use. Be ahead of the trend when you stock your bar with glass straws.  These are clear but you also find colored ones on the market to fancy up your drinks.  Made of borosilicate glass, they are reusable.  You just drop them in your dishwasher.  This set comes with a brush that fits inside to allow cleaning of dried on or extra tough stuff.

8. Jacobsen Salt Co. Black Lava Sea Salt

This black salt is harvested from the sea in Hawaii then combined with natural activated charcoal to create this lovely finishing salt for your drinks.  A nice addition to the book's Margherita Margarita (p. 48) .


9. Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum

The Cocktail Garden book contains a lot of interesting types of spirits, Banana Rum included which Ed Loveday uses in the Banana Colada (p.138) .  To help you resource fun varieties, when you click through the link to the spirits websites included in this month's Shop The Look, browse around as they are good resources.
10. Honeycomb Shape Ice Tray

Truth is, the quality of your ice plays a great deal into the way your drink tastes.  Making your own, versus using that which comes out of your freezer's ice maker, and making your cubes near to the time you will serve cocktails is actually kind of important.  If you're making your own, might as well make them cute, right?  That's why we're sharing this honeycomb shaped ice tray we love.  You will too.


11. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Making Elderflower Liqueur is crazy labor-intensive. It takes 40-50 tromping the French countryside picking the flowers--a window of time that only appears for a few weeks in Spring. You will be glad they did when you grab a bottle of it for crafting your Cumquat & Elderflower Collins (p. 122).


12. Cantina Carafe

You're going to want to make ahead any syrups, purees, tinctures or infusions you will need for your cocktails (p.18-33).  Store them temporarily in this beautiful, handcrafted Cantina Carafe from Anthropologie (don't they just have the best stuff?!), so when you bring it out for use in front of guests, it makes a lovely presentation of its own.  And, ya, that green leafy thing in the bottom inside the carafe, is glass art.


13. Waterford Lismore Double Old Fashioned Pair 

Waterford Lismore Double Old Fashioned glasses are the classic barware to have, even if you compliment them with glasses of more current design.  A nice, crystal heavy beautifully cut glass like this one feels amazing in your hand...especially if it's filled with a special drink!


14. Hibiscus Flower Infused Syrup
Don't feel like making your own infusions? (don't blame you...especially if you're short on time!) order a bottle of this Runamok (don't you love the name?) Maple Syrup infused with Hibiscus Flowers.  When you're not using it for cocktail syrup, you can drizzle it over pancakes or ice cream. 
15. Woodford Reserve Bitters Dram Set
Bitters appear throughout the book, including recipes for making your own.  To get a jump start though this is a spectacular set of 5 bitters in flavors of: Chocolate, Orange, Aromatic, Sassafrass and Spiced Cherry.  Have them on hand while you master the craft.  All are good added to non-alcoholic drinks as well.
16. Branch & Twig Cocktail Picks
Using picks for your garnish makes such a great visual statement for a cocktail.  The organic shape of these  Branch & Twig picks (set of 4) from Anthropologie will blend nicely with the planty things they hold in your drink.
17. Insulated Stemless Glass
Keep your cocktails cold when you're on the run with these triple-insulated, stemless cup.  We picked copper because it is so on-trend, but this cup from Corksicle comes in all manner of colors.  Fits nicely in your hand at someplace like Coachella.

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