Healing Crystals

Crystal Things for your Plants and Planty Decor

Types Of Crystals
Types Of Crystals
Types Of Crystals
Types Of Crystals
Types Of Crystals
Types Of Crystals
Healing Crystals
Healing Crystals
Healing Crystals
Types Of Crystals
Plant Care
Types Of Crystals
1. Black Tourmalinated Quartz Point

This is a very interesting stone:  clear quartz infused with black tourmaline.  They say with the clarity and energy amplification of the quartz and the protection of black tourmaline you will feel a resurge of energy.  Maybe it's just the thing to play with just before you head out to your garden to tend your plants!

2. Raw Black Tourmaline

Nicknamed the 'force field protector' for its ability to erect an energetic boundary, maybe we can hope if you put pieces near your plants, it might help keep insects and diseases at bay.

3. Elite Shungite

This is the kind of shungite you can use to sprinkle in amongst your garden plants or place at the bottom of a bucket of water for 3 days to infuse it or in the bottom of a vase to increase cut flower longevity.

4.Shungite Cup

If you want the benefits of shungite put to use for you instead of your plants, you can use this shungite cup to 'treat' your drinking water in the way that this month's author, Heather Askinosie, does.

5. Flourite Plate

Keep yourself from focusing on your worries with the beautiful decor item.  It's flat so you can place a potted plant on it.  Because Flourite enhances intuition, it's a great crystal to have hanging around to help with creativity, relationships and life decisions.  And if you're all set with all that...it is just a REALLY pretty home base for your plant friends.

6. Sage Cleansing Set

Crystals pick up energy that doesn't get left at the front door so most experts recommend regular cleansing of them.  Good even if you are just using your crystals as decor items.  The sage stick wafted around your space using a feather is a traditional Native American Ceremonial method.  The abalone shell is a lovely fireproof place to set the sage during your 'smudging'.

7. Plant Bliss Spray

This amazing smelling spray is food for Nature Spirits.  When you have happy faeries, you have happy plants.  Mist your plants and Plant Bliss will help your plants be happy, help them to help each other and change the energy in a garden.

8. Crystals for the Garden

Bury this collection of Quartz and Green Aventurine in your garden and potted plants to help them grow healthy, strong and beautiful.

10. Selenite Wand, Charging Plate and Naica Selenite Glacier

Selenite crystals greatly magnify and amplify the energy of anything set upon them.  Can you imagine how your plants might grow on the Selenite Charging Plate?!  Selenite is one of the most powerful cleansing and healing crystals out there.

11. Rose Quartz Circle Tray

For love, romance, harmony, friendship and kindness, perfect for decorating home and workspaces showcasing vases, flowers, candles and all manner of tidbits.  This tray can also be used to 'charge' other crystals you have.  Each one comes with the unique signature design of its life in the earth all these years.


12. Grounding Wrap Bracelet

Made with Hematite and Silver Leaf Jasper this wrap bracelet is designed to keep you connected to the energy of the earth...and we figure plant people kinda like that vibe.


13. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are sort of the quintessential home decor crystal (salt technically being a crystal).  Like your plants, salt lamps work to keep the air clean.  They do it hygroscopically which attracts and absorbs contaminated molecules from the immediate environment and traps them in the crystal.   Tons of articles on the health benefits of salt lamps if you look it up.


14. Prosperity Necklace

If you've already read the book, you will know that this is the item that started the entire Energy Muse business that resulted in the writing of this month's book selection Crystal Muse.  We just had to pay homage and include it here for our readers who have decided they just MUST have one (pretty much everyone in our office did too!). The necklace is Jade with 3 Chinese Coins tied with a red string.  A wearable version of the feng shui formula for prosperity in all aspects of your life.

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Types Of Crystals

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