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1. Print:  Floret Farm Truck Filled with Flowers
Don't feel like getting around to making your own cut flower garden? Just hang this beautiful print of the truck that Floret Farm nicknamed Little Fat Dragon.  It will cheer you up and make you smile.
2. Hand-Thrown Pottery Vase
This Barrel Jug is by Farmhouse Pottery, by the same company as the one Erin uses on p.257 in the book. Wheel-thrown in Vermont by a family-run business (I've met the owners and collected some very cherished pieces of this heirloom-quality pottery.)
3. Silo Crock Vase
A vintage crock like the one on p.182 is a lucky find at flea markets. This is a new version, one of a couple similar styles by the same maker.  For a creamy, more antique look, check out the Laurel Crocks too.
4. Benary Giant Purple Zinnia seeds
"Nothing says summer more than an armload of cheerful zinnias. Available in a riot of brilliant colors, these happy blooms are a must-grow for any flower gardener."-ErinBenzakein (p.177).  Benary Giant zinnias are an entire series of bright colors with strong stems and good disease resistance.  They often grow to 5 feet and have a higher-than-normal chance of giving you double blooms.  They almost look like Dahlias.
5. French Flower Bucket
For her Lilac Infusion project (p.112), Erin uses a French Flower Bucket like this one to host the blooms.  
6. Cut Flower Garden Wall Calendar-2019
Yes, you read that right!  2019....The 2018 wall calendar is long ago sold out, but you can pre-order yours for next year and ensure you don't miss out again.  Besides gracing your space with stunning colorful photos, author Erin Benzakein shares her personal monthly to-list that she has perfected over the years.
7. Pinecones
Since not everyone can walk out their back doors to pick some up off the ground, you will need some pinecones if you are going to tackle the Winter Project Wreath (p.296).
8. Lace Flower 'Lacy Blue' Seeds
Didiscus caerulea is a super productive, dome-shaped Forget-Me-Not flower that will flower for months. It's light scent makes it perfect for bouquet work. 
9. Earth-Fired Clay Dish
For the Dutch Still Life Project (p.252) you will want a large, ceramic bowl (12-inches).  We found this one made using a primitive firing technique that gives it oodles of character for your arrangement.
10. Cosmos (Seashells Mix)
These uniquely-shaped flowers have tubular petals which Erin says create a nice, three-dimensional display.
11. Iceland Poppies Sherbet Mix Seeds 
Papaver nudicaule have tissue paper-like blooms and brilliantly colored petals, a slight citrusy scent and an abundant flowering habit. In the book (p.116) Erin uses them in a Sherbet Butterfly Bouquet.
12. Bachelor Buttons Seeds

Bachelor Buttons flower over a long time, are easy to grow and make a great flower for beginners.


13. Daily Planner (2018)

The Floret Daily Planner 2018 is the place to record your new dreams, goals and plans.  Erin shares her personal to-do list, leaving plenty of room for you to record your own notes.  We just love her photography so much who cares if we even write anything in it!


14. Floral Stem Wrap

Adheres when stretched. This wrap is good for corsages, boutonnieres and the Flower Crown Project (p.114)


15. Scissors

Super sharp scissors are good for cutting ribbon.


16. Floral Clay

Use this to secure your flower frogs to their containers.


17. Flower Frog

Flower Frogs allow you to use heavy branches with confidence that they will stay standing straight.


18. Chicken Wire

Erin prefers chicken wire to toxic floral foam and recommends using a ball of wire in your vase to create a sturdy framework for your blooms.


19. Wreath Frame

There are two wreath projects in the book (p.250 and p.296).  Use one of these as your base.


20. Paper Covered Wire

This wire is used to attach flowers to your crown (p.114)


21. Hori Hori Knife

The Hori Hori knife is good for hand weeding, transplanting larger plugs and planting large tubers.


22. Thorn Stripper

A must-have tool if you are working with roses and other prickly stems.  Save yourself from getting poked.


23. ARS Brand Pruners

Erin's favored brand, these heavy-duty pruners come in handy for cutting multiple stems simultaneously as well as for woodier stems and branches.


24. Paddle Wire

This handy wire is used for attaching your materials to your wreaths.


25. Gloves

You need to protect your hands when gardening and these West County Gardener Gloves are our long-time favorites.  Erin says she likes a Lightweight Nitrile Glove a bit like these.


26. Twine

Tie up your beautiful bouquets with twine for a more natural and earthy look.


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Japanese Triangular Hoe

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