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Inspired by the book: Find Your True Fork




1. Epicurious Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set in Copper 

Keep your kitchen looking on trend with this Copper Colored Cookware Set. It's dishwasher safe, and also oven safe and okay to use with metal utensils. So invite some friends over and have a Find Your True Fork cooking party. 


2. Blue Mason Jars

Did you know that fermented foods have many health benefits? You can read about them on page 167 of Find Your True Fork and then make some of your own - from pickles to sauerkraut there are so many recipes. So grab some of these super cute Blue Mason Jars and get to fermenting!


3. Two-Piece Non-Stick Silicone Spatula Set
Spatulas are a handy tool for so many kitchen tasks, but why let them just be utilitarian?! These spatulas will give your kitchen a happy pop of teal color. They are perfect for mixing, flipping, scraping, or serving and even stain resistant. Stick one in your utensil jar on the counter and you will see just how much it stands out! p.s. Use it with the Stand Up Copper Mixer to get as much batter as you can out of the bowl or maybe just to steal the leftovers for a lick! 


4. Makoba Napkin
No kitchen is complete without napkins! These are extremely versatile and popped up in almost every photo taken in Find Your True Fork. You can use them traditionally or decorate a tray to present food, or even to dress up your table setting. The
Makoba Napkin, which is woven linen, is functional and stylish.


5. Wood Serving Tray 

Natural pieces like this Wood Serving Tray are very on-trend at the moment. The color of the wood visually warms up white and stainless steel kitchen surfaces.  Serve up some appetizers, like the Endives Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Strawberries, and Walnuts (on p.26 of the book) or the Lemon-Cured Anchovies on Bread (p.66). 


6. Ninja Countertop Blender

Do you just love peanut butter, but get frustrated with the preservatives added in?! Here is a solution, make your own natural Nut Butter, by blending your favorite nuts in this Ninja Blender. Check our p. 123 in Find Your True Fork for the recipe! 


7. Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

Reusable Straws are showing up even in coffee shops and cafes these days as everyone is looking for ways to keep plastic out of the landfills.  We're ALL for THAT!. This set matches the other copper appliances we're featuring here, and are also a great way to make your contribution to saving the environment. Use them to add a little metallic flare while sipping maybe a Rhubarb Cocktail (Found on p.78 of Find Your True Fork)



Featured Book

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8. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are a great source of fiber, antioxidants, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. BONUS they are also low in calories! Add a tablespoon or two to your morning fruit and leafy green smoothie and get the benefits that ancient Aztec warriors coveted before battle.


9. Mini Wooden Prep Bowls
Cooking with fresh ingredients from the garden is made all the easier by chopping and measuring things in advance so all you need to do is throw them together.  For this purpose, we just love these Mini Wooden Prep Bowls! Use them to hold recipe items or serve sauces and spreads in them at the meal table. 
10. Honey   

A a substitute for sugar, Honey is a good source of antioxidants and is said to be helpful with digestive issues. This honey is 100% organic and pure.  Add it into your tea, drizzle it over fruit and yogurt for an extra hint of sweetness, pour some in your green smoothie to take the edge of the kale.  It's even good over ice cream.


11. Ceramic Canister Set

Get a little blue-green theme going in your kitchen decor by matching your new teal spatula set with this colorful Ceramic Canister Set.  The sealed tight lid allows you to store all your dry goods to keep them safe from Miller's Moths.  Good for the almonds for making fresh almond milk (p.210) to brown sugar, chia seeds, dried goji berries for the mango pudding (p.206) to the cornmeal for the cornbread on p. 178 and more. 


12. Brass Spice Container

Keep your spices fresh and decorate your kitchen at the same time with this Glass Spice Jar. The options are limitless for what you can store, from chia seeds to sunflower seeds or maybe your favorite nut to snack on. You can either keep them on display or store them in your pantry. Its copper lid will match your already copper-filled kitchen! 


13. Letter Board

This will be your new best friend because it is the best invention to decorate your kitchen since the invention of magnet letters for your fridge. The Letter Board has pre-made letters for creating the inspirational saying of your choice or in this case for announcing the menu for the week. Is your mind fluttering with all the fun holiday sayings you can put on it? 


14. Colorful 12-Piece Electroplated Flatware Set

The Electroplated Flatware Set may look like it's all fun and games, but it actually has some major benefits. Because these utensils are electroplated, this will increase wear resistance, protect it against surface abrasions as well as making the utensils sturdy by building thickness of the metal surface. Now, this is what I call spicing up a salad with an electroplated fork! 


Extra Picks For You










15. Multifunction Prep Table 

Who doesn't need more kitchen space, it seems that this is the one thing the chef of the house always needs more of. With the Multifunctional Prep Table you can make the chef's dream kitchen a reality. This piece can actually find its niche in many areas of the home. If not the kitchen, maybe the entryway or hallway!  


16. Spray Olive Oil 

This truly is a must-have whether you are making scrambled eggs or sweet potatoes. What is even better is that this brand is actually 'brandless' so instead of getting your basics at marked up prices at the grocery store, you can get this everyday need for only $3! And it doesn't hurt that this Spray Olive Oil is organic and has no preservatives! 


17. Authentic Recycled Glass Tumblers
There is a movement now more than ever to be conscious of what we are buying and consuming. This San Miguel Glass from the Authentic Recycled Glass Company is guilt-free because it is made from 100% recycled glass! Display them with vintage appeal on your Delesha Multifunction Prep Table and pull them out to stun your guests bc everything tastes better from a glass! 


18. Kitchen Aid Copper Stand Mixer
Finish off your kitchen esthetic with the Kitchen Aid Stand Up Copper Mixer. This is a timeless piece and can be used to help make all of those holiday memories of baking cookies and cakes with your loved ones. 

19. Marble Serving Tray 

Let's be real, marble is taking over lives, from marbled phone cases to plates, so you just HAVE to finish off your collection with this Marble Serving Tray! It fits any aesthetic and steps up your charcuterie skills by like 1,000%. 

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Fill Your Home With Plants Room by Room


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