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1. Watermelon Radish Seeds

This is a very special and spectacularly good looking variety of radish.  Creamy white with pale green on the outside and bright magenta pink on the inside which resembles a watermelon.  Crisp and succulent in nature, the flavor is only mildly peppery.   Author Erin Gleeson slices these to assemble the simplest, most beautiful salad composed of watermelon radishes, oranges, red onion, mint and scallions with a light dressing of olive oil and salt. 

2. Fig and Elderberry Drizzle

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this! OMG.  A balsamic reduction with figs and elderberries that is then cask-aged, the flavor is totally unique.  Drizzle it over salads, cheese, slices of fruit and even ice cream!  You will want to buy one for yourself and then it will likely become your staple gift to friends and family who appreciate interesting flavors.  If fig and elderberry are too adventurous, try the roasted garlic version.

3. Henckels Two-Piece Knife Set

Good knives are a kitchen staple and I can't live without mine. This pair is a good starter set .  The paring knife will get you through peeling fruit or minor chopping.  The hollow-edge of the 'santoku' knife keeps vegetables from sticking to it when you chop.  Knives like these with virtually indestructible handles will last your lifetime.  Worth the investment.

4. Lavender-infused Olive Oil

A quick trick for dressing up a salad, roasted vegetables, meat, pasta (even vanilla ice cream)is to use a flavored olive oil like this one.  You can totally skip whipping up a more complex dressing.  Depending on the dish, you may choose to use a Meyer lemon olive oil, blood orange olive oil, porcini & truffle olive oil, or for adding some real zest, try jalapeño olive oil.

5. Palm Leaf Platter

The Forest Feast is packed with creative serving ideas.  We think this melamine platter is the perfect accompaniment to your plant-based presentation.  So cute and totally works for summer feasts outdoors because it's shatterproof.

6. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Copper is so on-trend right now and what a way to integrate it into your home than in the heart of it--your kitchen.  It's a total treat to have a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, and when you do you are going to want to use it to whip up the for the crust for the Whole Apricot Hand Pies on p. 214 or the Challah on p. 230.  Cuts the prep time by 75%.

7. Olive Wood Rolling Pin

A rolling pin made of olive wood is so beautiful you can leave it out on the kitchen counter just to source up the place.  I use one and it just feels good in your hands when you are rolling out the pastry for Erin's Apple Honey Galette on p. 218.

8. Cilantro

Some people think Cilantro tastes like soap...personally I love the taste.  Chop cilantro into a salad to zest up the flavor.  Chiffonade it (as Erin teaches on p.11) and sprinkle it over most anything.  If you let your plant go to seed...the seeds are what we use as Coriander and typically buy dry in a jar.


9. Parfait Glass

The Forest Feast devotes a full 20 pages to botanically-based cocktails.  Somehow a drink's flavor is elevated by the glass it is served in.  This parfait glass would look equally good serving you and your guests the Peanut Butter Avocado Shake on p. 228.

10. Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Spice up any number of dishes that call for honey in the ingredient list (Honey-Chive Dressing p. 219, Honey-Pepper Fresh Figs p. 33) with this wildflower honey infused with chili peppers.  Other options are the Bees Knees Meyer Lemon Honey and the Bees Knees Salted Honey.

11. Bay Laurel Plant

Bay Laurel is put to delicious use in Erin's Bay Potatoes recipe where every few slices of potato is layered with a bay leaf.  When you have the plant, you can harvest and dry the leaves, put them in an old spice jar and have them on hand for the potatoes or any number of stews and sauces.


12. Cuisinart Food Processor

Making The Forest Feast's Rosemary Shortbread on p.202 will be ready in seconds if you throw all the ingredients into this food processor and simply press it into a pan and bake.  Gotta love the modern kitchen.


13. Baking Dishes

You're gonna need these for pressing and baking the Rosemary Shortbread on p.202, layering the Bay Potatoes on p.135 and for roasting all the veggies in your CSA box or backyard harvest! Durable ceramic and colorful to boot.


14. Reclaimed Wood Serving Platter

Wooden platters are handy for arranging cheese and absolutely everything else you are serving.  This one is a full 3 feet long, so you can fit a bunch of goodies on it.  Great for any gathering.

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