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Inspired by the book: Leaf Supply


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1. Handmade Jamal Basket 

Seagrass baskets have so many uses pillow/blanket storage, trash receptacle and more.  But when you bring your plants purchases home, you want them to fit into the super cute decor you've already started, so plopping a plant into your handmade basket ups the design quotient immediately.  We like them so much, you can see several different styles on this page. If you are loving this look here is a majestic palm to put in your basket! 


2. Cacti Pot 

Pots are your opportunity to express your creative sense and personality.  Who says your plants have to live in a plain, boring cylinder?! Put your prickly friend in a matching outfit with this cacti pot.


3. Mateo Pot 

Leaf Supply authors Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan love the ceramic planter so much, for so many good reasons, we went on the hunt for a really great example and found this one with a nice, earthy vibe for you.


4. Glass Wall Planter Hangers

Propagation Stations are all the trend on Instagram these days.  Leaf Supply gives you the whole skinny how to propagate at home starting on p.36.  This starter kit comes with 6.  You can use them for propagation or just for wall vases.  The wall attachment isn't supposed to harm your walls at all.  These are globular, but if you prefer more geometry, check out these diamond shaped ones.


5. Large Gray Planter with Brass Stand

The modern look of concrete (but not concrete) without the weight, means you can move this pot all around the place when your design mood changes.  Anchor it at the end of a couch, let it shine on its own pedestal in a corner, or on its own wall.


6. Simply Jacinda Macrame Five

The 70s macramé trend is back and better than before! Wall macramé stunners like this one carefully crafted to have pockets for your small potted plant babies is the new way to hang plants.  So fun! 


7. Handmade Brass Planter

Another beautiful design by our friends at GRAFA.  Unique wrap design, cuddles and hugs your plant.  It has a cool feature where the drip tray is actually inside the bottom of the planter as opposed to being unsightly and on the outside.  We particularly like that the exterior coating prevents the golden color from aging.


8. Round Belly Basket

When you're not quite ready to commit a plant to a big heavy ceramic pot, using a basket is the way to go.  Leaf Supply likes baskets for plants in general for their Nordic simplicity.


9. Snake Plant

Also wryly called "Mother-in-law's tongue" except this one keeps her opinions to herself and you don't have to clean the place up before she arrives.  Sansevieria helps remove carbon dioxide at night which undoubtedly will lead you to improved sleep.


10. Wood and Gold Triangle Wall Shelf

Grouping plants makes a strong impact.  You can do them en masse in flooring areas, or add depth and height to your displays with a well-placed wall feature like this one. 


11. Purism Style Plant Mister

When humidity matters, mist plants with a mister like this-functional and decorative-just fill the mister with water, use, then leave it on a shelf to look pretty until next time.


12. Monstera adansonii

If the Fiddle Leaf Fig is the 'it' plant of the year the Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant, as it is named for the distinctive holes in its leaves) is the first cousin.  Big, graphic leaves makes shapes and shadows on your walls as the sun shines through them.  A fast grower, you will find this a good first addition to your planty decor.


13. Small Matte Black Planters

This sleek cylinder of matte black ceramic is a perfect foil for any plant.  Fits with all decors.


14. Industrial Modern Circle Frame

If the triangular wall shelf isn't your thing and you want to go circular, go modern industrial with this one.  Along with small potted plants, leave your little mister up there too. 

a plant for every pot








15. Haws Solid Copper Watering Can

Copper, copper everywhere...or is that water, water everywhere...?  Keeping a watering can half full of water handy, means you can give your plant family a drink on short notice.  So if the can is around as a decorative item, you probably want it to be as beautiful as this one.   This Haws copper can with the long neck and small spout provides precision when watering smaller potted plants.  p. 26 of the Leaf Supply book will get your started with what you need to know about watering.


16. Oversized Ceramic Planter

Lauren and Sophia, the authors of Leaf Supply are enamored with the idea of handmade ceramic pots as vessels for your green interiors.  Glazed ceramic pots like this cute white one, can be planted directly into.  Cute little legs attached to give it a bit of personality. And if you are loving this look like we are, fill it with a Rubber Tree


17. Tasseled Basket 

See how fast we amped up the basket fun with this    colorful tassled one  ?!  This is a really easy way to 'style a beautiful scene' as they say in the book.


18. Tool Stand

This is by far the most beautiful garden hand tool stand we have ever seen in our lives!  It's from GRAFA and is made to house their stunning handmade copper and bronze garden scoop, handmade copper and bronze garden fork and handmade bronze garden trowel.  Never again will you look at your hardworking hand tools  with disdain. (All pieces sold separately).

19. Medium Brass Planter

Warm metal is another trend that is still going on . For bringing the metallic trend inside, balance the shine of this polished brass planter with the green of the plant you put in it. We think a baby Pilea would feel right at home in this pot!


20. Peace Lily

This lovely flowering houseplant is lush and easy to grow as it tolerates the darker areas of your house and still gives you stunning white blossoms.

21. Wooden Slice Plant Stand

Height for plants is a good thing, especially if you have trailing plants like pathos , chain of hearts or lipstick plant, even a boston fern would look great!  It gives them a place to spread out.  Add dimension to the room with these 3 varying height stands. The warmth of the wood will make your plants think they are still in the jungle...just now it's your 'urban jungle'.


22. Celfie Pots 

Give these fun planters a little "hair" when you place a succulent or some-such in the top.  Great way to dress up the plant shelf with a personal touch.

23. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus lyrata) is the 'it' plant of the year and only a few places sell quality ones online where you can get it shipped to you.  A stunning addition to a contemporary decor. Leaf Supply calls the Fiddle Leaf the 'supermodel of the plant world" 🤣


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