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Inspired by Urban Jungle
Cool Indoor Plants
Cool Indoor Plants

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To Make it or Just Take it Home

1. Multi-Plant Stand
Show off all your plants on the plant stand balcony. It's like they each have a little home just for themselves and together they style your urban jungle like a pro. 
2. Air Plant Holder
Get creative with displaying your air plants!  This totally customizable holder allows you to choose from about 30 colors and myriad quotes or write your own. Charmingly crafted from recycled wood pallets, complete with the perfect wire holders to keep your air plants safe and happy.
3. Large Planter Basket
These plant baskets show up all over the stylish environments profiled in the Urban Jungle book. ​They are most definitely 2018 #plantgoals.
4. Banana Leaf Wallpaper
Having an accent wall is currently on-trend.  Show off your love for plants and let friends pose in front of it for Instagram.  Or like Morgane in the book, use wallpaper to upgrade the front of a piece of vintage furniture (p. 112).  Completely removable and self-adhesive, this wallpaper comes in lots of botanical patterns.
5. Tradescantia (aka Spiderwort)
This pink and green plant adds the perfect pop of color to your green urban decor. The color combo makes us swoon just like it does Jeska & Dean in the book (p.121).
6. Wooden Dowels
Ready to DIY and make plant stands like Pepper and Michael (p. 86)?  We hunted down the dowels size they use, so you too can easily make your plant stand dreams come true. 
7. Copper Tee
The copper tee is the other part you'll need to complete your DIY plant stand. 
8. Botanical Frame
If the graphic beauty of a plant leaf showcased on a clear background is your style, buy the materials from Danish brand Moebe botanical frames.
9. Single-Plant Stand
Feeling more like a BIY (buy it yourself LOL)? instead of tackling the DIY, check out this beautiful handmade plant rack.
10. Botanic Watercolor Art
You can turn an empty corner with only a few plants into a botanical gallery by adding plant-inspired artwork by Pepper Schmidt (p.75) and pairing real plants with their illustrated counterparts.
11. Boston Fern 
Ferns are the quintessential houseplant and hung from a corner spot make a great start to a plant gathering in your urban jungle. Boston ferns drape beautifully from atop shelves and high furniture pieces.
12. Geometric Terrarium

Page 57 of the book shows how to create your own terrarium.  Pick a simple glass vessel or put your plants in this cute geometric terrarium to create a mini ecosystem. Terrariums are known to reduce anxiety/stress, sharpen mental focus, and lower heart rate/blood pressure!  Lots of good reasons to get one going.

13. Kokedama Making Kit

Japanese moss balls (aka Kokedama) are perfectly suited for humidity-loving plants like ferns and ivies (see p.150).  Everything you need to make your own is in this super easy kit.

14. Air Plant

This particular air plant, Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala, has tinges of pink or red at the ends, and its shape can be easily tucked into lots of places around your home. Click through the link and you can check out a handful of other artistic choices.

15. Air Plant Wire Vase

Here is the most creative way we've seen to display air plants--the wire vase.  Super cool like Pepper Schmidt on p.74

Cool Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants
Cool Indoor Plants
Air Plants
Air Plants
Indoor Plants
Col Indoor Plants
Cool Indoor Plants
Cool Indoor Plants
Cool Indoor Plants
Cool Indoor Plants
Cool Indoor Plants

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