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Inspired by the book: Wicked Plants









1. Lilia Mural 

Covering a 9' by 9' space, add some dimension to any communal space with this Lilia Mural! The basic timeless colors of black and white will allow you to pick and choose statement pops of color. I am thinking a Fiddle Leaf would pair beautifully! What about you?! 


2. Succulent Vase

If you enjoy "all things Fall",  this round orange pot is the perfect piece to get you in the fall spirit. Add a big or small succulent to the pot and VIOLA, you have a pumpkin! Maybe get extra crafty and take a whiteboard marker and make your pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. 


3. Black Peonie Poppy Seeds 
Peonies are the go-to flower for a bride on her wedding day! But if you are more of a Tim Burton Corpse Bride look no further! These Black Peonie Poppy Flowers will put an end to your flower hunt and be the final touch to encapsulate your spooky day.


4. Phases of the Moon Wall Art

I picture the author of Wicked Plants writing this book in a cemetery at night looking up at a full moon, and that is why this art piece has made it into Wicked's STL. The painter Kelly Witmer, uses smudges, blots, and fades to create her artwork. Enjoy this addition to your art collection or use it as inspiration to design an empty wall. 


5. Jute Herringbone Doormat

Coming in three different sizes the Jute Herringbone Doormat is as versatile as your favorite pair of jeans to be dressed up or down. You can find this doormat's niche in the bathroom or outside on your patio. This one is actually super durable and thick so it will last you a long time! 


6. Low Wood Block Stand

Okay, I think this is one of my favorite items! The Low Wood Block Stand is so versatile and not to mention the perfect hint of a Boho/ Fall aesthetic! You can place this on your dresser to then put your plant babies on top or as a centerpiece for your dinner table or coffee table. The orange succulent vase would be the perfect addition to this! 


7. Copper Cauldron

I saw this Copper Cauldron and immediately thought how fun it would be to put a plant in it! #crazyplantlady What about a big curly Spider Plant with its vines hanging out like a witch's spell went wrong and was spilling over the brim?! Other than a plant you could also use it to pass out candy, as a centerpiece, or serving dish. Maybe even put it on top of your Wood Block Stand. 



Featured Book

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8. Black Cat Petunia Seeds

As the saying goes, running into a black cat means you will have bad luck, however, this Black Cat Petunia will do nothing of the sorts. These puuuur-fect flowers are drought tolerant and disease resistant. So unlike your furry buddies at home, this Black Cat does not demand your attention at all times. 


9. Wire Lantern
Queue the mood lighting with these Wire Lanterns! Perfect for a cozy evening snuggled on the porch swing or as an accent to your end table, you will only be a flicker away from a moment that you wish would last forever. 


10. Faux Fur Chair Throw   

To be draped over the Pari Chair or laid across your bedroom floor to curl your toes into, the Faux Fu Chair Throw will give your space a warm cozy feeling! Not to mention I am seeing these pop up in all the trendy coffee shops so you would be super on trend!


11. Japanese Bitter Orange Seeds

Pucker up! The Japanese Bitter Oranges can take the place of your pineapple upside down cake or give a nice twist in your morning cup of tea. You can even dry the slices to then shred them on top of a dessert! Is your mouth watering yet? I wonder what Amy Stewart the author of Wicked Plants, would cook up with these bitter oranges!


12. Large Arch Mirror

Does anyone like scary movies? They all seem to have a scene where something scary pops up in the reflection of a mirror! But no need to worry here because this Arch Mirror will only show you your beautiful smiling face. Pair it with Phases of the Moon Wall Art and you have got yourself a stunning wall! 


13. Hand Woven Throw Blanket

A roaring fire, your favorite book, Wicked Plants, and a cup of chamomile tea while curled up on the couch. The only thing that is missing from this evening scenario is this Hand Woven Throw Blanket! This blanket's colors and texture will make you want to wrap yourself into a pumpkin spice burrito all season. 


14. French Vanilla Scented Candles

A little spooky but a lot trendy! Sprinkle your Urban Jungle with these French Vanilla Scented Candles and transform it into your magical haven. Because I am so obsessed with the Wood Block Stand I would put a few candles on top of this paired with the Succulent Vase filled with some snippings of Witch Hazel from the backyard! And of course, slip them into the Ebony Wire Lanterns for some mood lighting!  









15. Neutral Fringed Lumbar Pillow

Who doesn't need a little extra lumbar support?! I know I do! The Neutral Fringed Lumbar Pillow will help you feel supported in every way you need! In all seriousness, this pillow will be a great addition to any bed, sofa, or chair, maybe even the Cillian Honey Chair.


16. Queen of Night Tulip 

This is a true queen because after she is snipped from her roots she still grows while in a vase of water! (expert tip: add a penny in the water to prevent growth) Depending on where you live, if you plant the Queen of Night Tulip now it will bloom in the Spring and then you can keep the spooky month of October alive! 


17. Black Lava Pot

For a potion or plants, no matter what you choose, the Black Lava Pot will satisfy your needs. It is durable, textured, and made from crushed stone! I think that some succulents would look best in this pot! 


18. Wicked Plants Coloring Book

I have the perfect simple way to get crafty at any time of the day. Just get yourself this Wicked Plants Coloring Book and some colored pencils and you are good to go! Coloring is actually beneficial for adults because it helps to focus on patience, quietness, and motor skills. It also helps reduce stress! 

19. Heuchera "Obsidian" Seeds

The Heurcha "Obsidian" are grown for their foliage, but I would grow them specifically to take my Halloween yard decorations to the next level! These large dark purple leaves set the scene for an eerie walk to the front door for some candy on All Hallows' Eve! 


20. Pari Chair

A staple of any room is a reading chair, why not make it this Pari Chair! Handwoven out of rattan, this chair will bring out the millennial in all of us! I would toss on my Copper Velvet Pillow, Netrual Fringed Pillow , and Faux Fur Throw to make it even more inviting. 


21. Stargazer Globe Lights

Strung through the branches in your backyard, hung on the railings of your patio, or dangled from your headboard the Stargazer Globe Lights will encircle you and your loved ones with warm loving light. Create your safe haven and why not be a stargazer while you are at it! 


22. Copper Velvet Throw Pillow

Copper is a staple color of fall! I find myself drawn to this color as soon as October 1st arrives from a copper-colored sweater to this Copper Velvet Throw Pillow I am complete! You can find me wearing my copper-colored sweater sitting on my porch handing out candy from my Copper Candy Cauldron sitting on my Copper Velvet Pillow and reading my Wicked Plants book! #obsessed 


23. Reclaimed Wood Patio Planters

Join me on this important and necessary change to buy more eco-friendly and recycled goods! Each of the Reclaimed Wood Patio Planters is unique and give off a rustic charm that is hard to find. Coming in sets of three, they can add some diversity to your plant pot collection. The Reclaimed Wood Planters can be a happy home for a small three or some smaller flowers, maybe even the Queen of Night Tulip


24. Witch Hazel Seeds

Witch Hazel is actually harvested by peeling the bark off of twigs that you have pruned from the tree! From there you can make your own Witch Hazel at home the natural way. This would be the perfect tree to grow in the large Reclaimed Wood Patio Planter. 



Fill Your Home With Plants Room by Room


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