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Just in Time for Summer!

Our top unique plant picks at 38% off - just $24.79 each!

Mix and match to create your dream garden.


Suncatcher Sunflower

Little baskets of sunshine! The adorably sweet Suncatcher Sunflower (Helianthus x ‘SunCatcher’) is a cute, compact version of the towering giant.

☀️ Full Sun & Partial Shade

🌱 Enriched Well-Drained Soil

🪴 Perfect for patios and planters

✂️  Cut to Keep the Blooms Coming

🔥 Thrives in Hot, Drier, Sunny Places

38% OFF

Salvia Facebook  (1).png

Saucy™ Red Salvia

Like a pair of red stilettos or your favorite red lipstick, you just feel all dressed up the moment you put them on! This Salvia  is one of those eye-catching reds that just seems to go with everything.

🌤️ Full Sun & Part Shade
💦 Consistently Moist Soil
😋 Regular Fertilizing 
🍂 Loves a Mulched Bed
🪴 Light, Enriched Well-Drained Soil

38% OFF

Salvia Facebook .png

Rhythm & Blues Salvia

Dramatically royal-purple, almost cobalt blossoms and black stems tower over the dark, textured foliage! These high-impact plants call pollinators and hummingbirds in droves!

☀️ Full Sun & Partial Shade

🌱 Fertile, Moist Organic Soil

✂️ Deadhead for More Blooms

💧 Give Lots of Water Access

🌈 Pair With Other Bold Colors

38% OFF

Salvia Facebook  (2).png

MiniBeckia™ Flame Rudbeckia

Bright things come in tiny packages! The brilliantly colored and delightfully petite MiniBeckia™ Flame Rudbeckia has everything you love about these pollinator-friendly summer blooms!

☀️ Full Sun
💧 Moderate Moisture & Mulch
✂️ Deadhead to Keep Blooms Returning

🦋 Butterfly & Bird-Friendly
🌡️ Perennial in Warmer Winters

38% OFF


Elegant Feather Eupatorium

Soft and fine-textured, the astounding greenery of this plant will add such ethereal green texture to your garden beds that you’ll be looking for new places in your landscape to use it! 

🌤️ Full Sun & Partial Sun/Shade

🌱 Tolerates Any Well-Drained Soil

🌵 Drought-Tolerant Once Established

💧 Low Water & Low Maintenance

🤒 Very Pest and Disease-Free 

38% OFF

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