Our Story

SmartPlant® & Tree Care sprouted from a deep love for horticulture and a strong desire to help the next generation of plant parents.

Beginning as a garden radio show, our team of horticultural experts shared their knowledge and passion for over 30+ years through books, magazines, and personalized education. 

However, with the rapid growth of technology and the internet, they saw that accessing reliable and authentic plant care information was becoming increasingly challenging for plant growers. 

Photo recognition tech seen from other apps wouldn’t cut it: plants needed more personalized care than a simple snapshot could provide, and plants could not always be properly identified through AI.

Determined to solve this problem, our team recognized an opportunity to leverage technology to provide plant growers with the best information out there, tailored to the needs of each plant based on its growing zone and zip code.

With over 25 key experts and a team of over 85 plant enthusiasts, we did just that – developing a smart platform that would revolutionize the way people care for their plants!

After years of pruning and refining, SmartPlant® & Tree Care bloomed into the innovative and reliable smartphone app it is today. With over 500 years of combined experience from horticultural experts, top radio garden hosts, and bestselling garden authors from across the country, the app has evolved into the perfect tool for any plant parent and stands out as the only “real” garden app on the market. 

The story of SmartPlant® & Tree Care is a testament to our team’s unwavering passion for all things plant-related and our commitment to helping any garden thrive. 
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