Amazon’s 5 Indoor Garden Must Haves!

As the summer heat gives way to fall, it is time for our fellow plant lovers to bring those gardens indoors. No, this does not mean…

Young, Wild, and Maturing with Plants

My Journey in Gardening and Growing Up Featured Author: Claire Shaha Growing up, my mom had a huge garden. She watered, fertilized, and picked the fruits and vegetables almost every day in the summer. As a child, it was kind of hard for me to understand why people bother having gardens to take care of […]

Adventures in Vegetable Gardening

Featured Author: Kelly Ann Baker How can one eloquently put into words their first vegetable gardening experience? Think about it… Would you talk about the crisp morning air when you are watering new transplants, or how you started everything from just some seeds? Would you mention that only 12% of your sprouts make it into […]

Top NYC Plant Influencers That Will Inspire Your Urban Jungle

Social media gives us daily advice and suggestions. I’ve gotten the majority of my recipes from TikTok and of course outfit and craft inspiration from Pinterest. Instagram is the platform where aesthetics thrive, and just one picture can offer so many ideas! That is why we are sharing a list of some of the top […]

How Plants Could Save You (if you let them)

Life is hard, and everyone knows this. We wake up, go to work, school or University, we do our duties, we help others, fix problems, pay bills, and so on. Every day, each of us experience a lot of stress, caused by trials that Life puts on our path, and that feeling, that choking feeling […]