Top 5 Reasons You Need to be Home Growing Your Herbs

This is the Secret Ingredient Your Garden is Missing

Buying herbs like basil or rosemary at the store is easy enough, but have you ever thought about growing your own at home?

It’s actually WAY easier than it sounds, and is very fun and rewarding!

🌿Keeping reading for our top 5 reasons why you should start home growing your herbs 🌿

1. They look great in the garden

Who doesn’t love the look of a garden full of beautiful greenery?

Gardens don’t have to be just for flowers. You can plant whatever herbs you like and will suit your needs while also making an impressive home garden.

They look great alongside vegetables, flowers, or other decorative plants.

2. It’s good for pollinators

Remember “The Bee Movie”? Without bees, we don’t get to have gardens!

Luckily herbs are great plants for attracting pollinators like bees as they are aromatic and can have enticing blooms.

Check out these flowering varieties we love like pink chives and dill.

Having them in your garden will help bees keep all your plants thriving 🐝

3. You can up your chef game with herbs you grew yourself!

Take pride in your ingredients coming straight from your home garden.

Nothing beats the quality of home grown – and you can keep your live plants or dried herbs in your kitchen for easy access.

Add a little bit of 🌶️spice 🌶️ with this undefeated spicy cilantro or intense sage!


4. Make unique bouquets & displays

Just like you can cook with the herbs you grow, you can also use them for decoration in bouquets or jars around your house!

Who says bouquets can only have flowers? Mix it up with the captivating aromas and shapes of different herbs.

This extra greenery in a bouquet of flowers complement the different flowers very well.

We especially recommend the white flowering chives or dark oregano to add striking dimension to your bouquet!

5. Avoid the pesticides from store bought

Spraying all produce and plants with pesticides and other chemicals is a very common commercial practice.

This might keep food fresher, but that comes at the price of having those chemicals on your food.

If you home grow your food, you will be able to eliminate the bitter flavors and toxicity of pesticides.

Once you pull your fresh herbs from your home garden, all they’ll need is a good wash before using!

These are just a few of the reasons why you should home grow your herbs.

Are you a herb grower yourself? Let us know your reasons and what’s in your garden in the comment section below!

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