13 Plants That Repel Mosquitos

Mosquito season is coming again… and we all know how pesky mosquitoes can be. Especially those tiny ankle biter mosquitos that are hard to spot and sneak into your home!

Luckily there are many indoor and outdoor plants you can grow that help repel mosquitoes. Keep reading for all the options – some of the plants that have this bug repellant quality may surprise you!

A few favorites are…


Lavender is a common outdoor plant, which you can bring a small pot of indoors to help repel against bugs! Lavender not only repels against mosquitoes but can also repel against moths and flies. Lavender is known for its perfume smelling aroma.

This plant can also be rubbed onto your skin to better repel against getting bitten. Plus, lavender has a calming scent and can help you sleep better.

How to pot:

To plant lavender in a pot, add a teaspoon of lime to sandy potting mix with good draining. Fill soil a little over halfway and add your lavender along with more soil on top, making sure the soil is firm to remove air pockets. Water thoroughly and provide full sun to keep fragrance and color.


This plant is a great addition to your kitchen to help get rid of mosquitoes flying around as you cook!

Rosemary has an amazing scent and tastes great in recipes. Rosemary is so versatile and is great for crafts as well.

How to pot:

Select a container with drain holes that provides room to grow. Allow top inch of soil to dry out in between waterings. This low-maintenance plant survives with full sun to partial shade.

Lemon balm:

Lemon balm is another great addition to the kitchen as a member of the mint family. This is another plant that you can also rub onto your skin.

The smell of this plant is so fresh and is also known to relieve stress! It also tastes great in teas and other recipes,

How to Pot: Lemon balm enjoys being grown during warmer weather. This herb prefers full sun to partial shade. This herb needs well drained soil and needs to be watered when top inch becomes dry.

There many more plants that can be used to repel mosquitos such as:

  • Catnip
  • Basil
  • Penny royal
  • Oregano
  • Peppermint
  • Geranium
  • Lemongrass
  • Feverfew
  • Garlic
  • Bee balm

You can gather your favorite plants from this list into a bowl and place in a mesh bag to hang or place in rooms that you would want to repel mosquitoes.

One of the best benefits of using plants rather than chemical is that these plants have natural amazing fresh scents – much better than strong insect repellents that you buy at the store.

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