Attract Butterflies with the All the Blues Butterfly Bush!

Buddleia davidii, also known as blues butterfly bush, is a fragrant plant with gorgeous lavenders, rosy purples, and blue colors. They are comprised of tiny trumpet-shaped blossoms in compact clusters.

What’s so Special About this Butterfly Bush?

  • It’s a great attractor for butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees due to its pollination properties.
  • This plant is overall easy to care for as it requires little maintenance.
  • It blooms from summer through fall and provides essential nectar for Monarch butterflies in preparation for their annual migration.

How to Make It Thrive


This plant requires high amounts of light to fully grow. It can tolerate lower levels but will not bloom as fully. Get more information about this plant with our free Smart Plant & Tree Care app!


Butterfly Bush needs well-drained, medium-moisture soil to grow to its fullest potential and to prevent root rot.


Water slowly and deeply during prolonged dry spells so that the soil absorbs the water deep into the root zone. Once the plant has grown, they can tolerate less waterings.


In general, they aren’t heavy feeders. However, if you want to help them out a bit you can use a balanced fertilizer in the spring. For the colder months, using mulch to protect from the temperature will do fine. Just make sure to keep away from the base to prevent root rot.

When the seasons change…

You will want to cut Buddleia back to the ground level in the early spring. Don’t worry though! It will quickly grow back to its mature size in just one season. If they are in containers in a cold area, make sure to move them to a safe area like a garage or shed for the wintertime.

The Blues Butterfly Bush plant is a stunning, fragrant plant that will not only attract the attention of butterflies but also your neighbors!

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