Our Favorite Rare and Unique Plants

This isn’t your typical top 10 houseplants list, or plants that you can find at any ol’ home depot or corner garden store…

These are brand new, limited edition rare plants that will make your garden the talk of the town!

All of these plants are linked so you can be the first to get them. Happy planting <3

Introducing our very first rare plant from the line… which looks almost good enough to eat!

The Chocolate Fountain Mimosa Tree

Your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dreams will come true with this Chocolate Fountain Mimosa Tree!

The tree almost seems as if it’s made out of candy – it looks otherworldly and smells incredibly sweet!

With rich, purple foliage that’s strikingly dark, this plant will stand out from everything else green in the garden.

In addition to the distinct colors of the plant, the shape of it curves and flows just like water from a grand fountain.

As it grows you’ll be able to see it overflow with lush and beautiful leaves!

In the springtime get ready for the real treat from this plant – delicate, almost ethereal, cherry-cordial-pink flowers. This stunning, deep burgundy foliage will be a showstopper and turn the head of anyone walking by.

Only a few more of these will be sold this season – and this is a plant you can only find here.

Make your garden the ultimate conversation starter by getting this tree now!

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