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Agritourism Life Magazine

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Connecting You To Farms, Garden Centers, and Wineries

Agritourism Life is an online magazine featuring wonderful stories of locally-grown and family-owned farms, wineries and garden centers that are welcoming you to plan a visit.

In it you can also enjoy wonderful recipes, unique artisans, and featured regions throughout the world that are ready to welcome you to the agritourism life.

Smart Plant Home has contributed our expect plant care tips to several editions of the magazine, which we invite you to read!

Want to see a topic from us in the future? Just let us know!


Perfect Plants for the Busy, Hardworking Zillenial

September/ October 2021

The fall edition of Agritourism life is all about youth in the plant world. Our article features the journey of millennials and Gen Z taking as they mature and take on responsibility as plant parents - often in very creative ways! We also recommend the best plants for different vibes you may be looking for: low maintenance, challenging and exciting, or therapeutic and calming.

Everything Floral

July / August 2021

Grow the very best and brightest indoor plants! In this article you will learn about some of the best plants that product beautiful blooms indoors like Hoya Carnosa, Anthurium, Kalanchoe, and Orchids.

New York City Top Plant Influencers

January 2021

Get to know some of the most inspiring plant lovers from New York City with a large presence on social media. You'll see how these plant influencers got their start and how their plant collections are doing now, so if you ever move to New York, you know your plants will continue to thrive!