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Best Plants to Keep in Your Bathroom 2023

Yes, you heard that right—plants in bathrooms. We keep plants in other areas of the house, so why not add one of your busiest rooms to that list as well? Make 2023 the year you add plants to every room of your home!

The Benefits of Keeping Plants in Your Bathroom

Keeping plants in your bathroom can help improve air quality, a huge benefit considering the varying size of bathrooms ( and what goes on in there 😳). They can also help lower the risk of mold, because they absorb humidity.

That humidity from hot water also just happens to creates the perfect environment for some plants! This is perfect if you are a new plant parent or looking for more low maintenance plants.

Checkout this list of plants that thrive in humidity, don’t need much sunlight, or even some that can help reduce smells!

This is pretty much your full guide to starting the best bathroom plant collection. 🌿

Plants That Thrive in Humid Environments

Do you have a roommate that enjoys long hot showers? These plants will love them for it! Most plants love humidity, but these ones THRIVE with it.

Chinese Money Plant — Also called the Flying Saucer or Pancake Plant because of its unique leaves. This plant forms ‘pups’ along its roots that can be removed and planted to make more! It does great indoors and prefers bright indirect light.

Moth Orchid — There are lots of different colors to choose from, and these flowers bloom all year long. They love bright light, so it's the perfect plant to have near a bathroom window.

Air Plant — These plants are very adaptable and do well in any part of the house. The perfect plant to hang if you don’t have too much shelf room in your bathroom.

Low Light Species for Windowless Bathrooms

For bathrooms that may have windows that don’t quite get sunlight or ones that don’t have windows at all, here are some plants that are better off without light in the first place.

Snake Plant — These plants are also drought tolerant, so it's no big deal if you forget to water them every once in a while. They are also a great air-purifying plant!

Pothos — This is a popular houseplant for a reason. Pothos are great plants for beginners, and they can be grown in soil or in water. Propagating them is made easy thanks to this!

Spider Plant — Another popular beginner-friendly plant that is easy to propagate. They need moist soil in the warmer months, whic