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The Best Roses to Buy Your Valentine in 2023

Here we are, another Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Maybe you’re finding it difficult to come up with fresh and exciting ideas for dates- this can be tough whether you’re with someone new or in a long-term relationship.

Let’s look on the bright “seed”of things. 😉

If you’re a seasoned plant parent, or wanting to be, or just someone who enjoys a fun project, stick around for this refreshing and original Valentine’s Day date idea!

Flowers are a BIG part of the Day of Love and Romance. This year, cut flowers are projected to account for 37% of all presents given (according to the National Retail Federation).” The problem with cut flowers is that they end up wilting and dying after only ten days- and can cause quite a bit of waste!

This raises the question- what other ways are there to express your love?

We have an idea for you that encourages quality time with your partner- plus an opportunity to create something lasting.

This Valentine’s Day, plant the seed of your affection in terms of a rose bush that will give you beautiful flowers all the way from summer to fall!

Grab your favorite beverage, snuggle up, and choose a rose bush to grow together in the name of your relationship (I promise, they're easier to take care of than a dog or kid!). These can be planted in yards or in pots, so no matter where you live, your love bush can be with you.

How’s that for a representation of long lasting adoration? 💖 Take a look at some of our favorite Roses you can choose from with your partner👇

Forever Amber

The Forever Amber Rose boasts beautiful apricot-colored petals a