Top NYC Plant Influencers That Will Inspire Your Urban Jungle

Updated: Nov 4

Social media gives us daily advice and suggestions. I’ve gotten the majority of my recipes from TikTok and of course outfit and craft inspiration from Pinterest. Instagram is the platform where aesthetics thrive, and just one picture can offer so many ideas!

That is why we are sharing a list of some of the top urban plant influencers, specifically focused on those in New York City, one of the largest urban landmasses in the world and a cultural creative hub.

First on the list is Christopher Griffin, aka @plantqween. Christopher is a Brooklyn-based Black queer femme who is OBSEESED with the botanical scene! He is dedicated to community building through plants and shares lush photos of apartments and gardens centers often featuring himself in vibrant outfits. He is the perfect person to follow for plant parenting tips and how to look amazing while you’re getting down and dirty!

With a name like Summer Rayne Oakes, you are almost destined to have a calling for plants! On her Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn you can see Summer’s rustic yet eclectic style shine through. She is also the author of “How to Make a Plant Love You: Cultivate Green Space in Your Home and Heart ” where she describes how she’s able to keep thousands (you read that correctly, THOUSANDS) of houseplants alive in her New York City Apartment.

Next, meet Nick Cutsumpas, @farmernicknyc. Nick is a vegan plant coach and urban farmer who also stars in a Netflix original series, The Big Flower Fight. On his Instagram he shares plant tips along with plant care and fun planty content. He also documents his plant father journey on his blog andnewsletter.

Maryah Greene (@greene.piece) is a Plant Doctor & consultant who has been featured in Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Vogue, and Headspace. Maryah founded Greene Piece to “create solace where it might not seem possible through intentional design concepts and step by step plant care for every plant parent”. She offers plant doctoring, workshops and consulting services along with her specialized shopping for indoor spaces.