Creating the Colorful Flower Garden of Your Dreams

This is it. This is the year you finally create that beautiful flower garden you’ve always wanted- a garden perfect and eye catching! However, there is a reason you haven’t gotten to your dream flower garden yet. Perhaps it’s because you aren’t sure which flowers to buy- or it could be because you aren’t sure […]

How to Dry Fresh Herbs At Home

Is your herb garden growing way too fast for you to keep up? Drying your herbs to use later is a great way to preserve your garden. It can minimize waste and be more convenient to use for recipes. Dried herbs are long-lasting and versatile: (Psst! Get our 3 dried herb DIY freebie here for […]

Our Favorite Rare and Unique Plants

This isn’t your typical top 10 houseplants list, or plants that you can find at any ol’ home depot or corner garden store… These are brand new, limited edition rare plants that will make your garden the talk of the town! All of these plants are linked so you can be the first to get […]

Agritourism Life Magazine

Connecting You To Farms, Garden Centers, and Wineries Agritourism Life is an online magazine featuring wonderful stories of locally-grown and family-owned farms, wineries and garden centers that are welcoming you to plan a visit. In it you can also enjoy wonderful recipes, unique artisans, and featured regions throughout the world that are ready to welcome […]