The “It” Flower of the Year: Rhythm and Blues Salvia

Did you know that Patone’s “It Color” of the Year is Very Peri?

“Blue for 2022 has developed into a multidimensional colour, harnessing dynamic depth. Very Peri moves between the warmth of red and the coolness of blue, dipping into the violet spectrum. It creates an uplifting depth and a dynamic presence that energizes our spirit and empowers our creativity.” – Jane Boddy Pantone Color Institute

Wouldn’t it be amazing to incorporating this gorgeous, trending color in your garden?

We found the perfect plant for you to do so.

One of Nature Hills Nursery’s most popular summer flowers happens to be an almost exact match – the Bodacious® Rhythm and Blues Salvia.

The Rhythm & Blues Salvia is one of the best salvia plants you can find on the market. It blooms sooner and longer than other varieties and it is very low maintenance.

Our favorite thing about this flower is that it is highly scented and smells like licorice! A candy scented plant in the garden? Can’t pass that up!

Did you know that salvias are considered the #1 plant for hummingbirds? Their tubular flowers are designed for pollination by these amazing flyers, and the Rhythm & Blues Salvia is no exception! This plant also loves to attract butterflies and other pollinators. The cherry on top? It’s deer resistant, which is an incredibly hard thing to find in flowers!

To care for this Salvia, keep in mind the following:

• Loves sunlight, but can also perform well in partial shade

• Needs well-draining soil

• Deadhead for more blooms

• Fertilize starting in spring until midsummer

The Rhythm & Blues Salvia requires little care and provides eye-catching blooms all season long.

Grab yours now while it is still available- these plants always sell fast! Right now you can get it at an extra 13% off too!

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