The Top 5 Plants for Dad | Father’s Day 2022

With Father’s Day just around the corner, finding a last minute gift that your dad will love doesn’t have to be difficult. Plants are a unique and make for great gifts! Unlike flower arrangements, these plants will last for months to years, making them a gift that can be enjoyed for a long time. We put together a list of some of the top plants to gift during Father’s Day!

1. Succulent

There is a reason why Succulents and Cacti are so popular. They are super easy to maintain!. Gifting a succulent can be a great option if your dad doesn’t biggest green thumb. These plants require minimal care and can endure neglect They also survive in any environment and are great adaptors. Not only are they easy to care for, but, they are also beautiful. They come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes and can enhance any room or work desk. Since they can be planted anywhere, you can put them in interesting planters, like the one in this picture!

2. Philodendron

The Philodendron has been a mainstay in interior gardens. They are easy to care for so even inexperienced owners will have no trouble growing this plant. Similar to Succulents, Philodendron plants adapt to the conditions of the home. The Philodendron plant also symbolizes health and abundance, which is another reason why we believe it would be a meaningful Father’s Day gift.

3. Money Trees

The Money Tree is another meaningful gift as it gives the messages of good fortune and well-wishes. This plant lasts a long time, being able to grow for years and they make your interiors fresher. Once again, this plant is also low maintenance, which makes it a perfect gift for a dad that is busy or is a beginner in plant care.

4. Schefflera

The Schefflera, also sometimes known as the umbrella plant is another great choice for a Father’s Day gift. This plant is often used in Chinese culture for Feng Shui, and the leaf fingers of the Schefflera are said to capture positive energy and give wealth. It is also unique as it is a tropical plant. This plant is also very popular due to the ease of care, however, unlike the other plants, this plant does need more care and attention to properly grow. However, care for this plant can be made easy with our Smart Plant & Tree Care App!

5. Rose

Though technically not a potted plant, the Rose is the official flower of Father’s Day. The Rose is often associated with love and relationships, however, it is also a strong symbol of fatherhood. Single rose and bouquet arrangements are the best way to gift this flower to your Father for Father’s Day.

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