The Ultimate Holiday House-Plant Gift Guide

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Give the gift that keeps on giving… plants!

Maybe we’re a little biased, but our experts at Smart Plant Home and Tree Care have prepared the ultimate gift guide for your plant-loving family and friends

Plants are an intimate part of many people’s lives. We live with them and love them every day!


Plant Subscription

A perfect way to surprise and delight with your gift is a ,monthly plant subscription from Hey Horti.

Their thoughtfully designed subscription box can help any plant lover build their collection with a new and exciting addition every month.



If you’re the type of gift giver that prefers to have more of a creative say in what you gift, ,Nature Hills might be for you. With an abundance of outdoor and indoor plants, you can pick the perfect plant for your special someone based on their plant experience. Some great options for beginners would be this ,Silver Satin Pothos, an easy to care for, trailing houseplant that thrives in warmth and humidity.

Another beautiful plant for beginners would be the ,ZZ plant, it has glossy dark green leaves, thrives in low light and is even air-purifying.

Finally, a finicky fiddle leaf fig may be best for your more experienced plant fam. Their large, beautifully glossy foliage love a bright, indirect light and grow so large they can be great for hiding ugly views and softening corners.


Now for the hardcore gardening enthusiasts, you may be more interested in checking out the amazing online plant nursery, ,Bloomin easy.

There you can shop by category to find outdoor show stoppers for a great price such as the ,Moonrock Hardy Hydrangea or the ,Peach Lemonade Rose if you’re looking for something more fragrant. Although, if you’re indecisive like me, a ,gift card may be the best choice for you!



Now if you’re at a loss because your recipient has every plant known to man, then check out the accessories here! If your plant junkie of a sister is addicted to trailing plants then these ,plant climbing wall fixtures are perfect for you. The peel and stick back makes them easy to assemble to any wall, just clip the stem inside, and watch it climb.

Another great accessory that plant lovers can never get enough of are ,moss poles. These are a personal favorite of mine as they can be stacked on top of one another, come in different sizes and even includes tinsel velcro for support.

These are truly a must-have for any plant parent and could be paired perfectly with an ,AtmoFix Atmostick Humidifier to help keep the moss poles moist and the climbing plants attached.

Smart Plant & Tree Care App

Finally, another important piece of being a plant parent is having adequate watering tools, as a proper watering routine is one of the most important aspects to keep your plants happy and healthy.

One way to help is with a year-long subscription to our Smart Plant Home & Tree Care App where plant lovers can track their plants and set up their own watering calendar to receive weekly/monthly reminders.

A great physical gift one could attach to this would be a timeless and chic ,watering can and plant mister, a stunning set of ,plant stands with pots, or even a set of ,uniquely crafted macrame hangers.

Don’t let the holidays stress you out this year, Smart Plant & Tree Care is here!

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