Top 10 Trendiest Flowers to Plant in Spring

It’s finally springtime, which means it’s time to fill your garden with fresh new flowers!

Seeing the same flowers every year can get boring. We all love sunflowers and daisies, but there has got to be something you can plant to switch it up, right? 

Luckily, we did all the work for you and found the top ten trendiest flowers for Spring that will make your garden stand out! Keep reading until the end for our absolute FAVORITE!

10. GreatMyrtle™ French Vanilla Crape Myrtle

Don’t let its position as #10 fool you – this Myrtle looks absolutely gorgeous in any space.

  There are four variants of the great myrtle, but this one reigns supreme as the favorite! The white color goes with all plants in your garden and adds some contrast with its large blossoms.  

The best part is they grow until the first frost of fall… meaning your garden will look fantastic all season long! 

9. Viking Chief Peony

Peonies come in many forms, but this variety has got to be one of the most chic. It has large magenta double flowers that will make everyone jealous of your garden.  

Planting this is also a great way to attract butterflies to your garden because of the sweet, alluring scent . These peonies will grow back year after year, making them the perfect long-term staple in your garden.

 8. Canary Fubuki Dahlia When you think of a yellow flower, what comes to mind?

It’s probably a daisy rather than a dahlia – but this canary fubuki is the yellow flower of my dreams!

It adds vibrant pop of color to any garden and grows to be 4 feet – adding depth and dimension to your home garden.

7. Peachies Pick Stokes Aster

Need a hardy, yet pretty plant for your garden?

Look no further than the Peachies Pick Stokes Aster!

The unusual paint-bristle blooms in hues of purple, lavender, and blue makes it as pretty as a peach, while also being super easy to care for!

Just give it some sun and moderate moisture, and you’ll have beautiful blue hues all summer.

6. Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose

We all know the phrase, “roses are red, violets are blue” …. but what if the roses were actually blue!? The Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose breaks reality with its unique colors. Blue flowers are rare and blue roses are even rarer. This rose is perfect for adding a cool pop of color to a bouquet too. Best of all, it keeps that lovely signature rose fragrance so your garden always smells amazing. 

 5. Perfecta Trifecta Butterfly Bush This tri-colored plant is special for its three different hues. This plant will add a cheerful touch to your garden, and you might be able to make some new butterfly friends.

The pink, white, and purple flowers blend seamlessly together to make an enchanting look. They even smell like honey! Talk about a true fairy tale garden.


4.Big Bang™ Cosmic Eye Coreopsis

This flower is one of the prettiest in the universe!

Adding it to your garden adds a pop of color and warmth to any garden, even if Mercury is in retrograde. The ombre from yellow to deep burgundy is a unique color pattern and will add contrast to your garden or bouquet. If you need tips, check out our freebie on making your own bouquet!

This plant is even bunny and deer resistant, so you know it will stay pretty all season long!

3. Magic Star Lily

Lilies are one of my favorite flowers because of all the different colors they come in.

The petals exude elegance and drama, from the stripes to their size.

This plant will want to be front and center in your garden, so everyone can behold its multi-petaled triple blossoms! This lily is also long-lasting and easy to care for.

 2. Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Reblooming Azalea

And last but certainly not least, you must check out this unique purple azalea. It is sure to leave its mark because it blooms in spring, summer, AND fall!

That’s three seasons with this gorgeous plant. Who wouldn’t want more opportunities to look at its southern purple blossoms?

We recommend getting a few and building a wall of purple color. 

 1) Grateful Red Hydrangea  This is the perfect flower to be a stunner in your garden or in home made bouquets!

It features large leaves and blossoms that will keep growing all summer long. The red flowers blend well with the white, blues, and yellows of your garden. Blending in is great, but what really makes this plant stand out is that it changes color depending on the soil! Alkaline soils will produce rich, dark pink/red flowers. If red isn’t your thing, good thing it can turn lavender in low ph soils or a deep purple in acidic soils.

This flower obviously had to make the top of the list!

Hopefully, you found the flower of your garden dreams!

  If you want to add any of these flowers into bouquets, make sure to get the freebie for a step by step guide on making your own home bouquets!   And to keep your garden thriving this year and every year after, check out the free Smart Plant and Tree Care app for expert plant care information and bug, pest, and weed support.

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