How to Prepare your Garden for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start getting excited and planning something special for your indoor or outdoor spaces. What better way to get ready than dressing up your home and garden? Keep reading for some of the best ways to decorate for this 4th of July!

Patriotic Themed Planters

You can go all-American by turning your planters patriotic. Paint them red, white, and blue, or add an American flag theme to the planters to give them an all-American feel. You can also repurpose old tin cans or buckets to then paint.

Use American Flags

This is an inexpensive and simple idea for the 4th of July. Buy mini American flags and place them into your planters. These are easy as you can just put them in for the holiday, take them out, and store them for next year!

Patriotic Pallet Planter

This is a more creative way to spice up your gardens outdoors or indoors. Using an old pallet of wood, you can paint the wood into the stripes of an American flag and use it as a wall planter to hold your plants up vertically!


Patriotic Colored Plants

If you’re looking for a bigger project to get into the spirit, planting red, white, and blue plants can really liven up and brighten your garden, porch, or home. These plants look good during the holiday and will continue to add vibrance to your garden or house for the rest of the summer and fall. Here are some suggestions for patriotic-colored plants that will look good in your home!

The Saucy Red Salvia

This plant adds a statement pop of color to any garden. Its eye-catching red color is perfect for dressing up your garden for this 4th of July!

The Rhythm and Blues Salvia

This is a perfect plant for any garden and provides a beautiful blue color perfect for your 4th of July theme. The plant also blooms sooner than other salvias and attracts pollinators and hummingbirds!

The French Vanilla Crape Myrtle

This plant brings a beautiful summer style to your garden. The flowers on this plant are crisp white, perfect for a 4th of July-themed garden!

While all of these plants are relatively low maintenance, there are care tips that can help make them last as long as possible. The Smart Plant & Tree Care app makes it easy to care for and keep track of your plants!

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