What Your College Major Says About What Plant You Should Have

Summertime is nearly over, and that means college classes will be starting up again soon. While moving back into your dorms and apartments, we all look to spice up our rooms to give them a space that feels like home. Plants are a great way to decorate your space and can represent you as a person. In this blog, we will find the best plant to help each major go through college.

Business Majors

Being one of the most popular majors, finding a good plant to match was essential! To employ the goals of people who enter the business world, it’s clear that the Money Tree would be a great plant for business majors. They are relatively easy to care for, so when all the business majors are out networking or looking for internships, they will still be able to thrive. Furthermore, the money tree represents wealth and good fortune, which is the goal of most people who enter the business field!

Social Sciences and History

This is one of the broader categories, so it is essential that the plant we picked would fit all of the social sciences and history majors’ needs! The best plant for these majors that we chose was the Snake Plant. Like the money tree, these plants are easy to care for, which is essential for the busy college lifestyle many of us have. The snake plant also symbolizes good luck and determination to help all of you through the tough topics and exams covered in school.

Natural Science Majors

Known as some of the most stressful majors in college, we chose the Jasmine Plant as the best for these majors. The jasmine plant is known to be a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety. They also have beautiful flowers and can help with productivity with their fresh odor and environment. Overall, this plant will help all of you stay stress-free and productive during your busy college days!

Visual and Performing Arts

Being one of the most creative majors, it was important to find a plant that could inspire creativity in the people around it. For this major, we chose the Pilea Peperomioides, also known as the Chinese money plant. This plant is great for a desktop or workspace and is incredibly easy to care for and grow. It also has a very unique look and is known to help inspire creativity within people. This plant also cleans out the air and promotes feelings of happiness and well-being. Overall, a great plant to have in any office space!

Communication and Journalism

This major is also a common college major, and finding the right plant is important. Communication with others is important for these majors, so the plant we chose was Succulents. These plants represent loyalty and endurance to help you through the many conversations and gain trust with others around you, which is important in the fields these majors lead to. Succulents are also very easy to care for and can be neglected without many repercussions, making them perfect for a busy college student!

Engineering Majors

Also known as one of the tougher majors in college, we chose a plant that will help engineering majors through the rough classes and rigorous careers they may face. The plant we chose was the Prayer Plant. These plants represent and promote devotion and focus, to help you through the tough classes that you may face. The plant is also known to be easy to care for due to its flexibility in different sun levels.

Computer Science Majors

For this major, we believe that the Golden Pothos would be a perfect plant. The plant represents perseverance and longing to help you through the tough classes and many different coding languages that will be learned. Also, hanging your pothos symbolizes reaching new heights, which can be a motivating factor. Pothos plants are known to be a great way to start houseplant care as they are undemanding and generally easy to care for!

Psychology Majors

Since many psychology majors will have to deal with mental dilemmas with their major, the plant we believe would fit well is the Bonsai. This plant promotes harmony, wisdom, and calm and can help calm the mind and bring more balance to your life, making it the perfect plant for this major. Indoor bonsai trees are easy to care for. They can grow in almost any climate and don’t require too much water or light!

Education Majors

The best plant we chose for this major is the Aloe Plant, also known as Aloe Vera. This plant represents and promotes healing and protection and is a very popular plant in the classroom. They are a very easy plant to grow and maintain as they can thrive in almost any condition. They also propagate quickly and have great overall health benefits!

While we were not able to cover every single college degree, we were able to cover 10 of the most popular fields of study. The plants suggested for each major are each symbolic of their corresponding major and are easy to care for, which is great for your average college student, as they will more than likely be busy with schoolwork!

While being easy to care for, you can still make your life easier by using the Smart Plant and Tree Care App. The app will help all beginner houseplant owners ensure that their plants will be healthy and thrive.

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